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2.6C @ 3.20 GHz with stock cooling

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Jul 6, 2002
In November I finished my second computer (stats in the signature). Earlier I had tried to overclock it but I failed because I didn't know anything about changing voltages, et cetera. I still don't know a whole lot about overclocking, but I went slowly and incremented the voltage/FSB slowly and I managed to get the overclock I have now, with stock cooling (i.e. the thermal pad/HSF that came in the retail package).

The FSB is running at (246 MHz x 4) 984 MHz, so the processor's running at 3.20 GHz. Core voltage is 1.6250 v. The AGP/PCI buses are fixed at 66/33 MHz and the AGP voltage is 1.55 v (default). My RAM latencies are 2-3-2-5. My DRAM ratio is 5:4.

I'm looking for feedback on this overclock (tips, how decent it is, et cetera), but also, my CPU temps are up to 40 degrees C when I'm browsing the web and they peak at about 50 degrees C when I'm playing games. The system, of course, is running reliably--I'm saying that because there've been no problems/artifacts/random strangeness even when I'm playing games for long hours. I've not used a burn-in program for hours, but I ran CPU Burn-In.exe for about ten minutes and the temps peaked at 52 degrees C. I'm curious if this is even safe operating temperatures--I mean, it's not overheating even when being left on all night, so I feel pretty safe with it. Just let me know if I'm wrong and The End(tm) is coming so I can sell all my property and run away to a fallout shelter.

Also, I think I used more complicated terms for the voltages than I needed to--what are all the terms called "on the street," if you will?
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Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
That's a good O/C and the temps look pretty good for stock cooling. If you start getting up into the mid-50's load CPU temp, you might consider better cooling. CPU core voltage is usually just called vcore. The last two GAT settings should be "disabled" (on the same menu as RAM timings). If you want to try a higher O/C, try relaxing the RAM timings a little first. But, it looks like your vcore is already as much as you should go with stock cooling. What does Hardware Doctor report the vcore as? The IC7 sometimes undervolts a little.


Jan 5, 2004
Same Boat

New Setup with Coolermaster Wave/ Blue Acrylic Side Panel
Cornea CT1904 LCD
1GIG Crucial
Raid 0 WD 120 ATA 100's
GF3 Ti 500 waiting for ATI 9800 Pro on slow boat from China
2.6 @ 3.20 fairly stable stock cooling
Highest Boot Attempt, 3.26
Doesnt like FSB over 247 did not bump Vcore
Aspire 500 Watt- Love it- upside down Silver with Blue lights
Runs 27 CPU Idle
Runs 29-32 Surfering
Case never about 27
Runs 49+ Playing Mafia/Call of Duty

I want some improvement on the Load temps would Artic Silver 5 with stock HSF make enough difference to make me happy without investing in a loud and expensive HSF? Not big on noise or super heavy Copper giants, if load could be around 45 I could live with that and wait until P4EE is 300 bucks :0) next fall.

Thoughts? Jet 7?