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2.6c or 2.8c in overclocking..

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Feb 3, 2003
Israel & USA
Hey there,
I'm new to Intels, I'm an AMDer.
So now I'm moving to Intels.
I want to get the best cpu that'll give me around 300fsb, that's my goal.

I'm watercooling so heat isn't a big problem.
What chip will do better 2.6c or 2.8c?

2.4C Suma thats the best chance at getting 300FSB. Mostly the new M0 Steppings is what you want to aim for the chip if possible.

Besides that M0 steppings is a relative of the 3.2EE chip, only thing is that the 2mb of L3 cache is disabled. On the plus side is that it has more area to disapate heat.
Oh yea Ram will play a huge factor too, thats why I was considering of getting rid of mine to reach a higher OC with some other type of ram. Corsair XMS doesn't seem to play well with my board for some reason as others have known too.
Yeah, the 2.4C M0 stepping is your best chance of 300 FSB and even that is far from guaranteed.
I need to look up for the M0s.
I'll do some reserach about that.
any further info?