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2.8e/1mb vs. 3.06/512kb. Which is better.

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New Member
Jul 1, 2004
I'm upgrading my system and I'm not sure which processor to go with. My board is an Intel D850EMV2 so I'm limited to a 533fsb, but it supports HT.

Would the larger cache on the 2.8e make it faster than the 3.06? They're both 533fsb and HT enabled but I'm not sure how cache size fits into the equation. And I still have to make sure my board can support the Prescott core. I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys have.

BTW, would 533fsb board run an 800fsb proc at 533, or would it reject it?


May 29, 2004
I don't think a 533fsb motherboard will support an 800fsb processor, so you'll have to get the 3.06. I know the 2.8C is faster than the 3.06 because of the increased fsb, but I have never seen the 3.06 compared to the 2.8E.


Normal Member
Sep 7, 2003
That prescott would be better, but I'm not sure in your case.

when you turn it on it might try running it at 200FSB, and just crash... Although you can downclock it if you can get into your BIOS.

I'd get a new motherboard. my P4P800 was a newegg refurb for $50, and I'm happy.


Contributing Member
Nov 17, 2002
the 2.8e 800fsb will run in your board with HT enabled, but at 533fsb. you have an intel board, so no chance of getting it running at MORE than 1.862 (14x133).

the 2.8e 533fsb will run in your board, but DOES NOT have HT (AFAIK).

with your MOBO's lack of any overclocking options, i would say that FOR SURE the best bet would be a 3.06. unless you could swing a new mobo, then i'd say 3.0c. :attn:


Apr 20, 2001
St. Paul, MN, USA
hUMANbEATbOX said:
the 2.8e 533fsb will run in your board, but DOES NOT have HT (AFAIK).

That would be the 2.8A, not the 2.8E.

I doubt any Prescotts will run in any old i850 motherboard, whether it has HT or not, or whether it's 533FSB or not. In particular, this motherboard supports NO CPUs of the Prescott lineage.

Don't bother trying - in addition to having no chipset or BIOS support for the Prescott CPUs in the first place, the power circuitry would be woefully inadequate for a Prescott, anyway.

If you don't want a new motherboard, the 3.06 would be the way to go.