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2 Cores downclocking on an overclock? [A10-7700k]

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New Member
May 13, 2017
I'm a new comer to the overclocking world so it could just be me overlooking something that should be obvious, but when i go to overclock my A10-7700k to 3.8GHz (just 100MHZ over the boost clock) and go to check in CPU-z that the overclock has "kicked in" the clocks read 3.8GHz on 2 of the 4 cores and 1.9Ghz on the other 2 even at full load on a stress test (Prime95).

Like i said, it could be me missing something obvious, but my process is:
- Boot into BIOS
- Toggle the XMP profile for my ram to Profile 1 (2133 MHz, 11-11-11-31 Timings)
- Disable Cool 'n Quiet, C6 states, cTDP, and APM
- Then go and turn the multiplier up
- Boot into operating system

Someone let me know whats going on here? How to fix it? Thermals are fine as well, reading 40C-45C.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H
CPU: AMD A10-7700k
(Let me know if you need something else)
Did you disable the boost setting? Are you changing the multiplier for boost rather than the actual multiplier?
This is a 2 module, 4 thread CPU. So it sounds like it's boosting to 3.8 as it would normally do if boost were enabled - slowing one module and ramping up the other.
I have disabled boost and changed the actual clock multiplier for sure. The BIOS is quite clear on which is which, so im confident thats not it.
I wonder if you are getting thermal throttling? What are you cooling the CPU with? Have you done any package temp monitoring while stress testing?
No, i dont think thats it. Temps are around 45C or so. Im using an Asetek 510, which is basically an OEM h50.