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2 Fans on one heat sink, can it be done??

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Jul 8, 2001
Ok, I was reading a review of the Taisol CGK760092 on overclockers.co.uk and it was said that it could be boosted by using 2 60mm Fans. I have a spare 60mm Fan and was wondering how do I add it on. Last time I tried to fans they made a really bad noise.

Can anybody help?

I mean od I put one on top of the other straight or a spacer??
Some fans wont work, the noise you heard were the 2 blades colliding :(

I really don suggest it, as it may get a 1C decrease on SOME heatsinks, but most HSF's it actually disrupts the airflow and makes it hotter.
someone built an adapter and stated that you need a gap of an inch or 2 between the fans. Some had good results and some had bad. If you dig around a bit on the front page you'll find a review by Ed (I believe) that stated it wasn't worth it.
Depends on the fans you use. I get great cooling using a delta 80mm 68 cfm on top of my delta 60mm 38 cfm. So far this is the only combo I have found that seems to work well, probably because the 80mm has static fins to straighten the air flow.
Cool I will try this, but ho do I mount them? My room temp is escallating each day and not doing any good for my CPU temp. I have resorted to using the home computer (TBird 700). at the mo due to the fact that my room is just way too hot until 6 - 7pm!!