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2 Fans + Radiator ??

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Dec 19, 2000
Michigan, USA
I currently have the Aquastealth 2 Watercooler, and the 120mm fan is on the side of the radiator that faces the rear of my PC, drawing air in.
Would it be to my advantage to place another fan on the other side of the Radiator to blow air in ???
it droped my temps 2 degrees

I have a dd cube and have one 131 cfm blowing in and a radioshack 120mm blowing in

hopeing to get a nother 131 cfm fan soon to replace my radioshack fan
I tried my aquastealth radiator with 2 fans and it didn't make too much difference. What did make a difference was I took the 120mm spare fan I had and mounted it on the side to suck air out of the case. I only have a 60mm hole on the back of my case and an 80mm hole on the top. My case dropped in temp then about 2oC
Well, I put a fan that was on my CPU in front of the cube (blowing in).
I used to be at 120 degrees at idle, I am now at 107.
Not bad....