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2 Questions?

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Mar 11, 2001
Hi people,
I have two problems that i would like help with,thanks

1) I only have a 230 Watt power supply and have just bought a ton of fans(2x120mm and 3x80mm). I only have one molex left as i have a CDRW and a CD-rom and 2 hard drives. Will all these fans be ok connected to one molex, or is it new power supply time? If so where can I pick up a cheap PSU in the UK.

2) i have also just bought a Globalwin Fop38. This comes with a 60mm fan but im going to replace it with a 80mm fan. Should this 80mm fan be connected to the motherboard or to the PSU?


Most definitely time for a new PSU. 230 just won't cut it, if you plan on running an adaquate number of cooling fans. I'd get at least a 300W Enermax, maybe a 400W.

I'd connec that to the PSU, instead of the mb. Connecting to the mb will draw voltage away from the expansion cards, and might induce stability issues.

Mr B
Cheers, do u know where a cheap place to get one is over the internet or in the UK,

depends how good a quality the psu is, I have a 235W psu on which I run 2x47cfm 80mm, 5x31 cfm 80mm, and 1x26cfm 60mm fan, this is a celeron 1.01ghz system as well and for all those fans I needed to create a fan bus becasue there would just be too many wires every where otherwise
If you replace the fan with the 80mm look into adding some cowling around the fan to direct the air onto the HS and not waste it. I tried swapping the fans and didn't add cowling. The idle temps were cooler but under load it got too hot fast. So, I went back to the Delta and added a blowhole in the side of the case. That was a tremendous help.

I have a 300w PSU and had the fan attatched to the MB. No problems with it.