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2 Watercooling questions.

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Dec 25, 2000
Where can I get an ehiem inline water pump at quickly? Also what is a good radiator for an Athlon [email protected] GHz? Everybody rants and raves about the DD CoolCube, but what about the Black Ice radiator? Well thanks for the help guys and gals.

dangerden CC are great, you can also get the pump your looking for there as well, they have 3 models of the pump you want. Im going to be getting and inline pump myself, I not a big fan of the submersable. I wonder how much noise they put out? I also have read that bleeding the air from the closed system can be hard. I should be getting mine in the next week or so.
Ill let you know whats up.
I don't know how fast you could get a Eheim pump from DangerDen, but they sell them at good prices. I know a guy at work who's a big aquarium freak and uses a certain mail order system for aquariums that is comparable to pricewatch.com for my computer parts. The prices from DangerDen were exactly the same as that mail order catalog.

I ordered an Eheim 1048 pump from DD and it came in 1.5-2 weeks. While i was waiting I went to a petstore and bought a cheap mag-drive pump for $23 bucks. I sealed it all up with Marine goop and attached a small resevoir to it and set it all up. It works great, moves a lot of water, but it is noisy, somewhat annoyingly noisy, but not like a Delta Fan.

Anyways, the other day I got my Eheim 1048 and I set it up with a small resevoir and started to run it....hmmm...nothing. It didn't seem to suck the water right away. What I had to end up doing was to kinda tilt the pump back so that the pump was below the water res so it would start pumping. After it got going and the air was pumped through, i noticed that the noise was next to none after the air was flushed. This was good so I fired up my computer and proceeded to run some CPU-warming utilities. After a half hour I shut my computer off and took off my $56 dollar pump and reattached the $23 pump. The eheim just wasn't moving enough water, and my temps rose 5C, a performance hit i was not willing to take for $56. I guess my Eheim will find a home in my AMD [email protected] rig, but for the 1.6ghz its just not enough.

Again, this was the Eheim 1048... I probably should have got the 1250, but its so big i'd have a time getting it in my case. Nonetheless, it would have been money better well spent. If your at all interested in the pump i have now, its called a "CAP-800 Aqua Pump/Power Head" i got it at Pet ware-house, but you can get it online here for $15.50.

BTW, I'm using a Maze2 Water block and DD Cooling Cube as well.
Bleeding the lines isnt all that hard. Just keep cycling water thru and make sure you shake and twist the block as well as the raiator a bit to get all the air bubbles out. Then connect the ends and your fine. I don't use a fill line so that may be a little harder. But more convienent. With out a fill line you will have to submerge half of the pump to fill the system. I've actually been meaning to put a fill line in. Just been to lazy lately.
At the ProColling site they are testing and compering ALLMOST ALL of the water-blocks and radiators, so check it out!