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20 Billionaire and 5 with a special appearance of #9. A Lot Going On!

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
torin3 has earned 20 BILLION! WOOT.
HayesK has earned 5 billion for like the third, forth or more...th.... time. WOOT!

Good news/Bad news.
Bad news: We are no longer chasing four teams. We are only chasing three.
Good news: We are #9 in the WORLD!!!!! We passed one of the four so... we got that going for us. WOOT!

Team Stats:
We are chasing PCMR, Hardware.no and NVIDIA.
We currently have 53 active folders.
We are averaging 8.57 million ppd. That's a good tick up by the way. WOOT!

Top 25 are earning 1 million ppd or more.
Top 10 are earning 10 million ppd or more.
Top 7 are earning 20 million ppd or more.
Top 5 are earning 30 million ppd or more.
Top 3 are earning 50 million ppd or more.
Top 1 is earning more than 122 million ppd.

Wow! Just wow guys. Very impressive. Worthy of note: Holdolin is back with Team 32. Very nice. It is his suggestion to start our own stats page and the work has been progressing. Please click the link and see what you can add to make this happen. The team has a great start to this project but we need skills to implement such a page. Click the link and be a hero.

World Stats:
HayesK_ALL is # 32
WhitehawkEQ is #39
torin3 is #79
dfonda is #92

Bonus stats: (Added because when do we get to see such heavy hitters hit thier way to the top?)
Holdolin is #220
HayesK_GRC is #413

Individual Stats: (Milestones)
torin3 just earned 20 billion. No, you read that right. 20,000,000,000. Ba "b" Billion.
HayesK_GRC just earned 5 billion.
Cvsi3 has just earned 400 million.
FoldingAddict, staying true to the name, has just earned 200 million.
jumpncrash just earned his first 100 million. WOOT! First 100 million! Love it!
matrixzen has just earned 90 million.
thor17usa just earned 50 million.
VampireMoonburn just earned 20 million.
Vamp just earned 20 million.

Very happy for you guys to have earned your points. Big milestones here from top to bottom. No small points. Just points.

I also want to point out that WhitehawkEQ has been injured and is in a rehab home. No, not for his folding addiction but to heal his bones. He left his number here. I don't want to repost because I don't want to dox the poor guy. Rodney, I'll be calling you later today. Haha... sucker.

Thank you to everyone for all that you do for the team and for the world of folding. What we do matters and helps. Hopefully the cures created from this work helps someone that I know and love perhaps even myself should it ever come up. (I'm healthy now so I'm not hinting at anything.) Fold on and remember, it's not how much you fold but if you fold. Fold on!
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Just a heads up. I will be out of town the first week of April so no update from me. If someone would like to give the update a shot, please jump in. It doesn't have to look anything like what I do. Make it your own and plan to post something the first week of April. Post here with your intention so that others know and if we get more than one that's... well.... that's awesome.
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This is the kool stuff. Not only do we have 2 of the biggest hitters in the game on our team, but IMO even better is how many others we have doin what they can. I know i know, broken record, but to reiterate what's in don's sig: it's not how much you fold, but *if* you fold. Y'all are the shiznit (y)

Edited to add:
Good news is: we're now chasing 4 teams again. It seems that team EVGA has all but stopped. Looks like all their heavy hitters changed teams. Don's more of a detective than me so he prolly already knows about it or at least knows more than I do.
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