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$200? AMD Radeon RX 480 = GTX 980??

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Oh please make this true. If the folding prowess is up there im in. Gotta get better some better efficiency my power bills are killing me lol.
So RX 480 or GTX 1070? What is going to be the better bang for the buck?

The GTX 1070 is supposed to have 980Ti levels of performance at around 150 Watts TDP. That should make the 1070 a better choice. More performance for less power usage.
My problem is the initial investment has to be smaller than 1070/1080 prices. Im in Canada and we get bent over on the exchange rate. My local shop has the founders edition 1080 @$1000 which is ridiculous i feel. Even at $200 US im still looking at $300 CA for the 480. Easier to swallow but only just. But i can maybe get the wifey onboard with the efficiency argument. And sellig my other lower producing cards. Only time will tell. Please AMD knock this one outta the park. Daddy needs some new toys :D
Don't know if the "power bill efficiency" argument will get you that much...hehe:

Let's say you save 100 W with a direct card upgrade. Assuming you fold 24/7, at $0.15 per KW, you will save:

- $0.015 per hour
- $0.36 per day
- $10.80 per month (30 day month)
- $131.40 per year

A $300 investment will take 3 years to pay off.

Tell her you just want to do it because all of the other kids are doing it now! :D
I'd like to see benchmarks to see if it closer to a 980 or the 1070. How much will the 980's drop once the 1070's hit the market?
I'm also interested in the benchmarks, because depending on the PPD it might be easier to "grow on demand" for a folding farm versus investing in higher-priced (but higher PPD) cards.
Don't know if the "power bill efficiency" argument will get you that much...hehe:
A $300 investment will take 3 years to pay off.

There's bit of a heatwave going on where I live, and although it's only a few days, this "first summer of 980ti" sure has me calculating PPD/watt because of the HEAT instead of just the money :)
30+ C in my flat right now - "Aloha!"

980 pdd for 150W sounds really interesting - can we believe that? Cause used 980s can be had for ~200$ relative price in my home market, but they are 165W...
Exciting times for graphics cards!
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For me, I need to get rid of the "many" 7970/280x which produce a ton of heat for fewer 1070/1080/RX 480, that will earn similar or more ppd over all in my farm.
Well, 280x and even 290x's are getting very long in the "points per watt" tooth by now. I was going to run mine until they die, but after I see ppw for 1070 and then RX 480 i suspect I will sell cheaply!