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$200 for water cooling.....

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Apr 12, 2002
Fort Worth Texas
I have $200 dollars that I am going to spend on my pc. I am either going to buy the MSI KD7 master-L or a water setup. If I go Water, what should I get? I would need a complete setup. Would water even be worth it and how much lower than 9C idle and 30C load can I get my temps with water?
Edit: I will also want to cool my N/B.
hydor L30 $50
tygon tubing at home depot $1/ft
CPU block $40-60
NB block $20-30
chevette heatercore $20-30
panaflo 120mm L1A $3 @ http://www.mpja.com/index.asp
misc clamps/teflon tape/ silicone adhesive $20 tops

all in all you're looking 130-170 depending on where you buy and what blocks you get
woods i asuming you only have air cooling at the moment, hence the reason you are posting to get water. But 9c seem a lil low for air cooling, what are you using to cool!?
Are you planning on running the A/C unit and watercooling combined, or one or the other?
Heck what do you need water for? You aint gonna get 9c with strait water. I'd put the money elsewhere....
the a/c unitwill be used regardless of the setup since it will be on anyway.(it also doubles as a room unit since my office is about 6'x12')
Actually... If you have the A/C unit blowing through a large heatercore for a water cooling setup, you'll definately get good improvements. Especially when loaded. How cold does the A/C blow total? If 9C is as low as it goes, and air cooling it with it is 9C, then 9C is the lowest itll go with water too. But your load will be much lower.