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2006 LGA-775 cooler on i7-2600

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Dec 2, 2016

Part number Hp 381865-001. This cooler came in the HP dc 7600 computer ( released in 2006 ( release year is not 100% confirmed )

IMAG0420.thumb.jpg.57c2b743ab648eec1b737e4ea7a88c5  3.jpg

Bought it from a scrap shop in a buck

Initial Testing
IMAG0447.thumb.jpg.3f5119d113d4d620e619dc37024ebf1  b.jpg

Standard Heat
cpu1.thumb.jpg.eb73aebf86eac5c54102ff3e7d28d45a.jp  g

Very high heat
cpu2.thumb.jpg.39f03cbd29d8a2469141b68faee355ba.jp  g

With stock fan an i7-2600 in stress testing hit around 80s or above in most of the cases.
I never had stock cooler i started with water cooling and then due to issues in that i came to this cooler. Initial tests weren't good at all so i tuned it to acceptance.

Now it can bee seen in the video @ 2:13 that by Intel burn test "very high" my CPU was throttling. Although my cores were hitting mid 70s. Why was it happening i had no idea ( I dnt think 70s can make a CPU throttle )

Although the issue was solved after tuning/modifying this cooler but i will really like someone to shed some light on throttling @ 2:13

IMAG0491.thumb.jpg.c5f9d9bdbf26b7deae3b5d3fd384b76  4.jpg

IMAG0495.thumb.jpg.05aa318963897b720c5ecce13773902  0.jpg

Results after lapping and adding original fan

standard heat
58af002b7414d_cpu1after.thumb.jpg.c92a6096a3249cbd  a817ac8301c3b47f.jpg

Very High heat

58af0067b6378_cpu2after.thumb.jpg.348a66f803080421  b5097ce313933cab.jpg

Final thoughts:
1.Better then stock cooler.
2.Reduced my GPU temps as its sucking hot air from that area.
3.Much lower noise while idling and gaming
4.Not touching 70s while priming
5.Cools my mobo VRM too.

1.Cant be fitted on every 1155 socket mobo ( Biggest issue ) due to 2 Its less height n shape ( I installed it on Asus H61-me )
While stress testing its really noisy ( Its max rpm is above 4000 that is y)
I don't see any throttling... the clockspeeds don't change. I see a change in the cpu load, but, that is common in many stress tests.
I don't see any throttling... the clockspeeds don't change. I see a change in the cpu load, but, that is common in many stress tests.

I am not sure but the clocks were dropping as the load was dropping ( They should too ) But the second time i did it you can see in the graph that there is pretty much constant load with the exact same test. M talking about the very high intel burn test in before and after modding/lapping. Also there are fluctuations but i dont think that stress test reduce load that low that multipliers go down close to idle state. I forgot to take scrnshot of hwinfo while this was happening as my core clock were dropping to 1600 Mhz during stress test.