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2021 - What did you do today in the world of Crypto?

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took a loss today, not big but still a loss.

Little while ago i had about $60 sitting in cash on binance and thought i might as well invest it in something so i tossed it into ONE after a little research.
Ever since then ONEs trended down and after a little more research i didnt see much coming down the pipe from them so i sold today and lost about $10.

I promptly jammed it into DOGE, my first DOGE purchase ever (the rest i have was mined) and fingers crossed i didnt buy it at the peak and i can get some of my money back.
Bought at 0.6597

over all i am ahead still and another paycheck is coming up so another ~$100 getting tossed into something
You aren't alone Niku. I bought some RVN and UNI last month and it made a small amount but I decided to push it into BTC as it had dropped a bit. Well, it dropped a bit more. LOL

It happens. This is the way.
yea i get that. its no different than the stock market in that respect. but it was a first and i figured i'da really effed it up and lost a lot more, not make any thing really. guess i am better at this than i thought

DOGE did settle a bit from 0.69 but it seems to be settling around 0.60, i have a feeling its a safe bet, it only takes some dude to mention something about it to throw it into a frenzy.

safemoon is on the move, still far from a penny each but i thought it would be a few weeks longer before it started moving in any respect. its up almost 40% in the last 24 hrs from time of posting
Started with 97 bucks in Robinhood while I waited to figure out binance. Turned it into 600 now after taking 200 out already. Got lucky with doge.

I also figured out binance and bought a few hundred of doge, eth, and btc. All up for now.
Over $3500 on ETH, I'm holding and loving it. Mining is a bit harder the last couple weeks, I'm sure there are lots more people jumping into it, my production is down a bit from the peak 2 weeks ago.
I am also seeing less ETH produced. But, my profit has stayed the same. There was a dip in profit for a few weeks tho.
Anybody using HiveOS? Thinking about giving it a try.

My windows 10 install is just not stable enough. It very well could be the mixed cards or something else but from the research I've done HiveOS looks pretty straight forward and easy to use.
Hive is supposed to be good, I don't have a problem, but I'm running one card per machine at this point.

The reason profits dropped partly is increase in difficulty. And another is the gas prices decreased (the transaction/contract cost is my understanding?)

Hive is supposed to be good, I don't have a problem, but I'm running one card per machine at this point.

The reason profits dropped partly is increase in difficulty. And another is the gas prices decreased (the transaction/contract cost is my understanding?)
Decrease in gas fee? My last fee was 23.7% Now I mine directly to my exchange to avoid the loss.
Binance is messing with me again. Wont let me add funds from my bank to my account so I can buy more crypto. I have done this a few times before and now it just keep failing. I removed and readded bank accounts. I had to fall back on robinhood.
I just started this crypo thing. I have Germini and dropped $100 in it. Bought $50 Doge and $50 of Polygon. Also decided to start mining on my rig that just sits and never gets used. Using Nicehash to mine with both cpu & gpu. Not sure what I am in for but still fun playing around
Debating spending some crypto on upgrades elsewhere. See ETH is over 4k now.

Still need a way to convert it. I had used Coinbase to convert in the distant past, so that is one option if I can remember my login.

Edit: this is fun. It seems I can't recall my Ethereum wallet password... I have accessed it in the recent past.
Edit 2: panic over. For unknown reason it was a browser problem. Password was correct.
Edit 3: looks like things have moved on since I last tried to convert eth to either btc or cash. Coinbase lets me sell and send to paypal. Not exactly comfortable enough to give them my card or bank details. Only thing I need to decide is how much I want to cash out, how much to keep holding.
Edit 4: just looked up the tax situation. In the past it has been small enough to be disregarded but value is now high enough I think I need to report and be taxed on income. In UK mining is treated as "other taxable income" so I'll have to work out the numbers for the appropriate tax years. At least things haven't gone insane enough yet that I wont be anywhere near capital gains tax threshold.
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wow what happened on my lunch.
Its like a crypto file sale started, were they talking more capital gains tax again today?

on satuday by binance total made it over $1k which was nice, today is nearing $800.
i cant complain but more is better right?

thankfully i havent invested my payday allotment yet...
maybe this will work out in my favor
Looks like Nvidia is going to be releasing it's hashrate limited cards across the board soon.

How many of us will be buying them knowing there will be a work around within a few months?
I don't see how 200Mh/s is $40 a day? I'm running on average over that but I don't get near that much accumulation. I dunno.

<edit> I just ran some numbers and it looks like I'm making more than I thought at the moment. Last 2 weeks ETH mining production was down - this week it is WAY up, as is ETH value. I'm lovin' it, let's hope this streak continues!
Yep, current estimate according to ethermine is ~0.01/day for around 200MH/s, no complaints here lol