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2021 - What did you do today in the world of Crypto?

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What is your investing goal? You could just use a coin's increase in value to stave off inflation. Slightly more risky with more return. Or straight speculation, very high risk.
not strictly crypto, but it has its origins in crypto ;) a while back I bought a PC with this mobo/cpu/cooler to get the 5700xt it had in it :))) but it had a lame(tons of leds and crap) case and cheapo PSU, so I ordered a fractal 7, used my trusty seasonic 750plat and here we are ...

has to be my cleanest build ever ! but man that kraken x63 aint too great or the 3800x is just so damn hot?? ... anyone else with this cpu ? really, 80c under F@H with liquid cooling, wth ??.. I never had liquid before, but this seems high to me
Interesting, I wonder how they do that without severely impacting price? Well, we don't know the pricing yet, so maybe they can't, but it seems suggestive of better cost/endurance than consumer drives. Given flash will have a certain endurance and you can only really increase it much by either overprovisioning or using higher quality flash, either way you have to pay for it at some point.

I did wonder if doing something with SLC cache might help, but this seems less likely after some thinking. If we're assuming they're using TLC (3 bits per cell), then the maximum SLC capacity is 1/3 the rated capacity. So if you used the SSD for nothing else other than a single plot temporary space, you could fit one plot file (approx. 256 GB temporary files) on a 1TB drive in SLC mode. You couldn't do this with QLC. You can't plot more than one file at a time if pure SLC mode was being used. You can't store other stuff on the SSD to maintain that large SLC cache. Also this is assuming the flash working in SLC mode has much higher endurance than native TLC.

If the target application is purely Chia plotting, then I wonder if the firmware could benefit from optimisations. Simply, reduce write amplification, which is more difficult if you don't know the workload.
I am debating if I should part ways with my 6700XT. It just isn't working out. I paid too much for it, I paid less for my 6800XT. At the current rate I am mining, it will take a few more months to ROI. That and I chose to install my 3070 in my HTPC because it runs cooler. Other than mining I have zero use for this card.

Before I do does anyone think that there is a crypto coin that will be mined best with an AMD card? Something to replace ETH mining.
I don't believe there is a "replacement". If something sprouts shortly after EIP 1559 or ETH 2.0 then you're going to want to jump on it quick as everyone will be switching over hammering the difficulty.
ETC and RVN if you ask me will be the coins to mine on AMD, but ya, profitability will be low, esp if winter starts .. well grinding season soon anyway I fear
I just started mining XMR with my 3700x. We'll see how it goes. I still need to figure out how to optimize for it. My other rig has a Phenom II 1090T so I doubt it would be worth the extra Watts.
Before I do does anyone think that there is a crypto coin that will be mined best with an AMD card? Something to replace ETH mining.

ERG was treating me pretty well for a while (until my mining rig hiccuped a few weeks ago). I was pulling in ~5/week with 2xRX580. Difficulty was low then. No idea what it is now. I started mining it @ ~$3 and watched it jump all the way to $15. I haven't checked recently but it seemed to hover between $9-12. Good quick cash but no idea about future outlook. I literally chose the coin based on profitability for my own rig and did no other research (and actually came away with a win this time). Might be something to look into with an eye towards DYOR :)
I know my ETH production has cut in half since last month.... 2 3090s and a 2070 Super and it is looking like crap at the moment. Difficulty must have gone through the roof in the last few weeks.
China shutting down cryptofarmers seems to have given me approximately 25% increase in ETH mined.

Anyone else notice a increase?
Checked in on BTC - nope not at $20k range yet....waits patiently to buy more when it dips into the 20k range...
Sold the 6700XT, was just never going to ROI on that card. I overpaid on a NewEgg Shuffle. :( (EDIT: Could I be the only guy who sold a current GEN card that wasn't purchased from a 3rd party scalper for a loss?)

Now I am debating if I should thin the farm a bit.

I always expected to make X, currently I am making half of X.

I could dump everything and reinvest in Shiba Inu... Cause we know that will go to the moon shortly. Otherwise, I will just end up spending the profits from the sale on stupid stuff. Where now I am spending mining profits on electricity bills and few other bills for the house. If I was getting what I was expecting I would leave the remainder (after bills) in my ETH wallet or do what I was doing previously and swapping with another coin.

Or I might just set my 5700XT & 6800XT up on a different wallet and use that profit to pay the electricity and then let the rest mine away and build up some ETH till PoS comes then switch to RVN and then forget I have a rig and be surprised in a few years...?
Yes, my profits are way down from a couple of months ago. ETH is down to $1800 this morning, which is close to where it was when I started. I think dropped momentarily into the 1500s, then ended up on that meteoric rise.

I'm just going to hold the phone for a while and see what happens.
this is the game, I have warned before, the "fun" part is still ahead, but thats actually good if you think long-term

btw I have 480s and 1060s mining since '16-17 (with stops and such, esp in summer), and it was worse than now during that time btw, but they've paid themselves over for sure ... although I squandered the coins, but thats mea culpa with my margin trading (gambling) addiction :)))

moral is, don't despair and def don't margin trade :D if you mine (even with stops) over the next 4 years, in the next bull run you will cover up for sure, its the same ol story each cycle, just gotta take some profits when its hot and everyone has red eyes filled with stupidity :))