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2022 - What did you do today in the world of Crypto

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Deep Pain Senior Member
Apr 16, 2001
New year new thread.

I've been in a holding pattern for a bit since I'm maxing out the power in my garage & lower level of the house.

I should add a few 20a circuits in the garage for tools and mining. BUT, I don't want to add more capacity and not find the cards to make it worthwhile.
Still just mining with the two 3080s at this point and occasionally XMR on my 5900x when it gets chilly in my office. Looks to be worth around .028-.03eth/day which isn't much, but leads to a payout about once a month.
Today I traded away my 6600xt for a 1080 and a few other things no PC related.

Now I've got to figure out where to slot this card in. This card will put me over the PSU 80% rule on all of my rigs unless I add another PSU.
LOL. This is why I never migrated to server PSUs. After you buy the cables they aren't THAT much cheaper.

This year I haven't done much just yet. Some routine maintenance to resolve a rebooting issue with my main rig, but that will be back to normal today.
When I bought my server PSUs they came with cables. My two Corsair RM850s don't have enough pcie cables. So I would have to buy more cables.

My first order for 2 750 PSUs and a dozen or more cables was for $56. My second similar order was once mining started this boom and was for $106.

3000 watts, and the cables I need for $162. To me that's much cheaper.

Future food for thought when the mining market dips again.


I got the 1080 in a rig. I cut down the power limit to the 2 3080s in that system and it's working out ok. Fan got loud but isn't screeching yet.

If I could land a dozen or so mining cards for MSRP at once I would consider the expense of adding 220v to the garage. But that is a pipe dream at the moment.
Yeah I've been looking. I liked the 1050W PSUs as they are 1050W @110V while the 1200W psus are only 900W @ 110V.

I'm running a RM850 also with a. EVGA 850 GQ combined. That rig is close to 80% load. I could put one more card on it and be comfortable. I would need to make a CPU-PCIe 8-pin adapter though as it's out of cables too.

I've been eye balling the EVGA 1000W GT for $160 with enough cables for 6 cards.
doing mostly Chia mining, have about 300TiB. and one 2080ti mining ETH. Living in a apartment so hard to have hoards of GPUs.
What's that profit like for the Chia mining of that scale?

right now the mining profits sort of suck as the price of chia is only $92, so if i sold i would be making around $250 a month, i feel like the huge plus to chia is the power usage. my whole setup including my homelab Plex server is 600w. also doesn't make much noise and heat, also can easy be racked. i just got two 24bay netapp shelves for free so considering slowing adding more drives into the mix.

one thing to note is USB hdd dont scale very well. so if you plan on a farming, i would get a JBOD shelf for cheap to build off of as its less hassle than USB at scale.
Not really buying but selling ... already sold RTX3060Ti, 2x RX6600, and 3rd RX6600XT is set on auction. I'm thinking if I want to keep 2 other cards but I guess I can use them for something else.
One reason is a much lower BTC value than it used to be (and still going down) and another one is that in my %@^%$!@ country our $%^#$@ government caused electricity prices and other stuff to go significantly up since this year, so even if I keep mining then profits will be much lower. Graphics cards are getting much easier to get and stores are lowering prices, so I also decided to sell something from my cards to get money back before prices go much lower. On local auctions in the last week were 400+ RTX3070. All after miners. AMD is significantly less but some are selling whole mining rigs.
Screwballs here stateside are hooking up generators to natural gas wells to mine bitcoin on wellsites. Personally I find this a unconscionable waste of valuable natural resources.
In Poland, we already have problems with electricity right now as our government doesn't think to move from coal power plants to other sources, and our agreements with the EU include closing coal mines and power plants in time. We are already paying fines for working coal mines that are polluting the area. Recently we were buying electricity from Sweden.
We don't have air, water, or solar power plants, not to mention anything like nuclear power plants. They even changed the law that surplus electricity made by home/company solar panels doesn't have to be taken back by power plants anymore. Right now, they have to turn off the panels or waste the surplus in other ways.
Industrial electricity costs went up in the last 2 years by nearly 100%, and all expect only worse as the government has no solution to anything. We expect about 50% higher electricity costs in the upcoming months at home. For last 3-4 years, every about half year we get a raise in electricity bills.
This month, all are fighting with the new tax law, which is so messed up that no one really knows how it works. We are already expecting multiple changes as some ideas are simply ridiculous and have no right to work.
With the current government, it won't happen. Right now we expect the biggest crisis since the '70s. The current leading party is actually acting like socialists from the '70-80s. They are giving free stuff to convince people to vote for them and at the same time cause ridiculous inflation.
Remember the day of IRQ conflicts? I feel like I just had that. I shut down a rig to remove a card. Mining motherboard so no need for risers. I reboot and it won't load the OS. After yanking cards and putting the back in one by one I find a certain 3070 not playing nicely. So, I yank it and leave all the other cards in. Boots and mines without issue. I decided to figure out what was going on. I shuffle it around the open slots. Eventually, I find out that it and another card aren't playing nice. All I do is swap positions and BOOM problem solved. WTF, I thought we were done with the days of hardware issues like this. Darn IRQ conflicts rearing it's ugly head again.
IRQ conflicts are really rare these days in modern (read Windows 2000+) OSs... I wonder if that was really the issue.
Unlikely, I go through this occasionally too. I tried adding a seventh card to my rig and no matter what I did it wouldn't post. I'm running a 3900X so I know I have the bandwidth for that many PCIe slots. :shrug: So I said To Heck With It and I'm running the seventh card on my test bench until I can build a second full-time rig (assuming I do).

EDIT: I'm running HiveOS(Linux-based). One of the things that annoy me is anytime I remove and re-add a card to the system, even if I make sure to put it back in the same slot, I need to re-do all my overclocks because HiveOS shuffles the order of the cards and it prefers an Nvidia card as GPU0 when mixed with AMD.