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2023 - What did you do today in the world of Crypto

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Deep Pain Senior Member
Apr 16, 2001
Another year, another what did you do in the world of crypto thread.

Mining is dead for the moment. Crypto is down across the board. But I notice Doge still has it's hills and valleys.

I still haven't had a PC setup since March 2022. I am just waiting for a power adapter for my monitor which arrives on the second. Once I get it up and running I'll be keeping an eye on Doge and see if I can take advantage of those hills and valleys.

Other than that I don't have a clear plan of what I'll be doing with crypto in 2023.

How about you guys? Selling? Buying? HODLing? Looking at new coins? Sticking with old coins?
Still just doing my usual 2 regular/scheduled buys per month of btc and eth, otherwise holding. As you noted, I haven't mined since September when POS came into play.

I'm curious about the whole pooled-staking thing, but it makes me nervous (pool can cut and run with the funds) and seems complicated.
i've been considering dumping VET\VTHO.
i feel like its been under performing lately. right now it would be about a break even, i'm trying to weigh the fact i can stake VET and get VTHO in binance and get ~20 a week.
but 20 VTHO from about 2540 VET a week is pretty meh. before they revamped their staking stuff recently the VET stake got me much more than that.

i dont know what i'd roll it into, probably BNB, maybe LTC or AUDIO but i want to do some research on audio first. Not in a huge hurry because while it isnt performing up to snuff its been pretty stable.
I have some DOGE and SHIB for funsies. Haven't paid a dime for DOGE still and i think i got +5 mil SHIB for $25 a while ago, if a bunch of idiots can make me money by having this fake internet money be worth more some how i might as well let them do it for me with minimum investment.

overall i'm in the black, but not by much, i missed the boat on some good deals for others i was interested in but maybe they'll come back down again. For a real investment (i.e. not meme) they have to actually do something in my mind
And... Just like that we are back to mining. Started with my 3090 on Radiant RDX.

Later today I will try to get my Linux/3060Ti rig up. And then early next week I will get the rest of my dormant GPUs going too.
Radiant was profitable for a few days. Now it's barely profitable. This was short lived.

There are a few other coins that show some profit. Just not enough to make it worth it
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So Radiant undulated from low profit to loss. Right now my 3090 & 3060ti should profit a whopping $.19 a day! Yeah, not worth the noise or the wear on parts for that little of an amount.

If I get a small 1 PSU mining rig setup I up the profit to a whopping $.42 per day. Again, not worth the effort. When I could potentially make $50-75 a month it was intriguing. Now not so much. :(
Yeah, not a lot of mining going on withittle guys these days. It feels like that ship sailed a few months ago. It seems like it'd only a good idea to invest and play the market that way as opposed to grinding and mining.
I don't mind mining. I enjoyed the setting up, refining and monitoring. In fact I would shuffle around changing things for the fun of it.

I've set everything up for reliability, taking a light hit to profit versus running everything on the edge and having constant break downs.

But anything less than $50 a month in profit isn't worth any aspect of mining with a rig to me. A few dollars coming out of my main rig isn't bad but making pennies isn't worth the wear, tear and added noise.
ok i keep opening this and coming back to it. i have some gold and silver, not much but enough for safe passage, etc but that besides the point

was this a drunk post? i just seems kinda out of the blue and such
I also have just enough on hand. I more invested in brass and lead.

Seriously, if you bought a case of 9mm ammo when it was $150-200 for range quality, you could have sold that same box for $5-600 a few years back.
I've been stacking the base metals for awhile now. I need to start getting some silver also. Never know when the Wall Street Werewolves are starting their rampage. I'm in too low of tax bracket for gold. Been pumping most of my money into my house renovations last couple of years.
I was talking to my new neighbor over the weekend and he mentioned he was getting back into mining "Bitcoin". That got me wondering, is there anything worth mining right now? I still watch prices but haven't checked mining profitability since the death of ETH (mining).