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2100 + Agoia-y :)!

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Jun 8, 2002
well i cleaned out my case today..heatsink etc..and i was like might as well check my stepping..because i get 42C idle and 53C full load after 48+hours of folding
off the retail heatsink/fan..cool to the touch @ idle :). i had a feeling it was a AGOIA-Y
sure enough i pop off the heatsink and bam! :) w00t w00t!I? :)..didnt get the week of the chip.. tho forgot :/!
P.S when i reapplied artic silver 3 i promised myself i wouldnt get it everywhere...well....you know the rest :p.
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Jul 14, 2002
Royal oak, Mi
i also have an agioa y xp2100 and as long as you have good cooling and a power supplie i don't see why not. befor my 350 watt psu died i could hit 1950 stable, but know that i'm running a crappy 300 watt i don't even bother. with a good psu i could hit 2ghz. and you should be able too. but not if your using a retail HSF. you could get thier but wouldn't be stable.


Oct 8, 2002
dallas tx
the coolermaster HHC-001 is good, i use it to overclock my chips and ive never gone over 55c no matter how high i push it =)
my farthest was 2ghz on it so far
it may not be the very best but it is very good, it put my temps down 27C lower than they used to be since i added it (i have good case cooling)
its also only like 29-39 dollars US at frys electronics

its the one with heatpipes
be careful tho if you get it to be gentle when you mount it, its made out of copepr and it weighs a ton, but the weight is part of the cooling advantage it provides. if your not careful you could break your chip


Nov 16, 2002
well update..i got a sk-7 and tornado 84.1CFM fan.....got to 1.97ghz stable.. got limitied by my hdd cuz of the FSB..so going to isntall xp on my other hdd and try again sometime :)....goal is for at least 2ghz mark :)!