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2100 unlock and ABIT AT7-max

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Nov 7, 2002
Ive read alot on unlocking the 2100 athlon, would like to speak to someone whos dont it though, or a webby of a realy good step by step guide...

There seems to be alot of pit falls, and does and dont IE some say use a pencil and others say no way..... :)

im runnin an abit at7-max (1st one)

would like to hear from somone whoes done it on my same setup...

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
Unlocking the XP2100+ is done the same way as the other XP CPUs: You have the L1 dots, and pits between those dots, first you clean the whole L1 area w/ a Q tip and nail polish remover (aka Acetone) and then you fill the pits with something unconductive such as Super Glue, Crayon, white thermal paste (the kind you get when you buy a heatsink, DO NOT USE Artic Silver!!), and then connect the L1 dots with something conductive such as Rear window defogger repair kit or a conductive pen, from ::::: to ||||| (DO NOT CROSS BRIDGES!!).
but the XP2100+ has one exception, the x13 and higher multiplier chips have their x8 bit set to HI, which you have to set to LO, there are two ways of doing it reversing the L10s, ie. from |: to :|, or an easier and safer way you can wire 2 pins on the chip which will do this for ya, here's the link.

Hope this helps, and good luck