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2200...2300...2400...2500... =)

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Jun 20, 2001
Vancouver, WA
Well.... It's about time! Ozzlo has finally decided to come over with all the WUs he's been crunching and let me dump them (at least SETI uploads are fast on 56K :D).

Floor 2200... T-Shirts, jeans, bandanas, and socks...
Floor 2300... Scarves, ear muffs, coats, and other winter gear...
Floor 2400... CPUs, heatsinks, fans, and hard drives
Floor 2500... HAPPY SETI MILESTONE! :D :D :D

Thanks ozzlo! Been wonding when you would finally come over :rolleyes: It's been quite a wait...

(note: as of this post, I am currently at 2345WUs. Nuther 206WUs to upload =P)

EDIT: ....And to top it off, I've just hit 98.75% (been waiting for that for a long time!) Still got 93WUs to upload
I was trying to figure that one out. 385 new WUs since the start of the race. Great work, and a nice little lead.
Yeah when I see things like that I have to go back in the stats pages and look at everything and make sure that I have the starting totals right. Check the Team Race Info thread for more info.
[Bows to crowd]THANK YOU THANK YOU[/bows to crowd]

well with all the little errors that i've been having I was amazed when I looked at the number of workunits completed and it said that between my athalon 1800 (need bios flash to oc) and my p4 1600 (intel board don't oc) I had 332 wu in my stash. I gave the wu to jigpu on sunday morning (AND HE HELD ON TO THEM UNTILL HE WAS SURE THE TEAM RACES HAD STARTED):p :p

BUT sadily it must all come to an end...

On christmas or shortly after christmas will be my last workunit dump:(

Yes thats right I'm retiring in late december

And you wonder what i'm going to do with theese unused cycles
well you could say i'm making the ultimate flash movie:D

Yes yes I know all about the seti folding team and seti 2 but me no have internet at my house...so i can't fold

but someday out paths will cross again and when they do i'll have my own account and 4 to 5 times more crunching power Than i do now.

so goodbye peoples


Wait a second this is still october:rolleyes: well then I must crunch on ^_^ (oops... exceeded smiley limit) ^_^