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220V cooling Q ...

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New Member
May 10, 2001
Hi Everyone .
i am new here
my gear is listed below ...
i am trying to get my Tbird temp lower then 55C
i found fan's that work on a 220V that i can put inside my ATX ...(very cheap)

The Fan Part is : DF2A12SM Synaeon Industrial Co. AC 220/230V 50/60Hz 0.14/0.13A

Q :- Does it helps if i make 2 holes in my case and put them inside on the door
one for get air out and one for get air in (over the CPU)
and i can take the wires outside the box to connect to power , instead of taking it from the computer powersupply ?
thank you for any help ...
Welcome to the board!

you don't mention what size psu you have.....but I can say I'm running currently 6 fans, 5 hard drives, DVD player, CD Rom, CD Burner, 2 nic's, SB Live card, VooDoo 5500 and an IDE RAID card off of a not so fancy 300w psu. I wouldn't think it too necessary to run externally powered fans, so you could just run DC powered fans.

No matter which route you choose, it would definitely help to add fans.

Hope this helps.
first - thanks for the reply

but i cant find good 12V fans around my place anyway ...
does 220V Fan connected to external Power , can hurt ? i mean they are really looking good and can fit inside the computer if i cut them case right
and it looks like they are going to make major air in there or its good ?

btw what do i put infront of the fan so it wont get dirt into the computer ?

btw i got 250W power supply ...
and it works 3 fans 12V , 2 Scsi Disk , 1 IDE disk , 1 Cdrom , 1 CDR , and hopefully 1 DVD player very soon :)
You CAN use them... I guess if the line voltage at your house is 220, then you can go for it. To use it with 110-120V you'd need a transformer.
I've got a 115V cooler fan at the side of the case on top, blowing close, or more like at the CPU, and VIA chip thing (on the other side) and 3 12V fans under it sucking air out...

It lowers my temps a lot when its cool in the room, especially the system temp...
you can buy mesh type screens/filters all over the web.
try these

caseetc.com to name a few, hope it helps
Im confused about the fans. What size are these fans and do they really use 220V AC? There are certain types of appliances that use 220V, like electic clothes dryers,electric ovens and arc welders. I have seen the cables they use and they are thick and usually made of aluminum (copper wire would cost too much apparently) . Sounds like when you turn them on....it might send your case scootin across the floor! Can you post a pic of these monsters?
no the fans are from a network cabinet they are huge and strong 120mm fan 220V
btw i installed one as take air out , and it looks good , i use it when ever i use a 3d application m, otherwise it close
and beside this i ordered a GlobalWin Cak38 hopefully its get here soon
about the high temp it appear the 1004 bios version of the A7A266 add 8 more c% to the cpu and 2 more for the MB so i downgrade it to 1003b now it works better
CPU is now at 55C and MB at 28-30C hopefully when using the GlobalWin temp will go down to around 40C so i can cross the 1.5Gb
buss is at 266 hopefully i can take this higher as well
I was at the "shack" recently and saw a 110v psu that was 80mm. Man this thing was amazing in cfm and weighed about 40 pounds. VERY quiet too!

Didn't have the cash on me, but expect I'll be getting rid of a fan or 2 soon in place of external powered fans. Plus take a load off of my psu. Now I've just gotta figure how to mod my case to make it look really cool.