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24/7 Pump Reliability

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Sep 3, 2002
Hey guys,


For pump reliability, would you reccomend going to the Eiheim (sp?) pumps if I intend to run the computer 24/7?

Also, which is better for 24/7 operation: resivoir or t-line setup?

i've heard that both eheim and via aqua are extremel reliable. run hte via myself. i don't really think it matters if you use a T or res. both pumps are rated for use inline.
I second that.
Via Aqua's aren't made for inline use. They actually need the water to cool themselves down. But then again pond pumps aren't made for computer cooling........so its your choice.
SkiFletch said:
if they arent made for inline use how come the inlet is threaded :eek:? I've been running mine for 3 months now, going on 4 inline, no problems (Via Aqua that is)

I've been wondering the same thing, everyone says it supposed to be submerged, but it has a threaded inlet?
I would like to run it submerged for sound dampening alone, but the area it's in is pretty small =(

BTW- I've been running mine for a few months now
i have a eheim 1250 that has been running for about a month straight now.
I used a via aqua inline for 3 months, and it died. My submerged maxijet is a year old and hasn't blinked yet.
It's always best to put a submersible pump inside a reservoir. It's more reliable and quieter that way. I find t-lines are slow to bleed air and tougher to fill. There's something to say for inline, though. It's easier to fit in a case.
theres pumps that are made to be inline, and pumps that are made to be submerged, and pumps that are made to do both, you want the pumps that are either made to be inline or do both
I have been running my Eheim 1250 for about a week now, but have tested it without the computer for much longer. When the computer is off and I am only running the pump, I have to put an ear right next to it to even hear if it is on or not. It is an extremely quiet low hum. Quieter than any fan I have in the case by far. And mine is bolted to the back of the inside of the case (almost right above the CPU).

My Eheim has been running since last February.

Well, the rig has been shut off here and there for a few hours while I changed something or did another volt mod:D
But I don't think it has been down for more than a few days total since then. I may have to get another pump in a few years, eh? :D
how about the reliability of danner mag pumps? i have one running inline now, but i'm pretty sure it can be either submerged or inline. But I've only had it running for about 2 weeks...
i dig my ehiem, been running since late last year 24/7 (for the most part), and just keeps right on running. nice quiet pump.
i doubt its "as good" as putting it in water, but it can't hurt.

my danner mag drive is significantly cooler after putting an 80mm fan in front of it...