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Apr 18, 2001
just got this today at advace auto parts. should do the job. couldnt believe how cheap!
if anyone needs dimensions or part # ill post it.
what size are those fittings, I may be taking a trip down there soon.
cool, man. that's exactly what i have.. just put 2 120mm fans on it. one really doesn't do the job properly.. and make sure they're sucking air through the radiator, not trying to blow into it.
I am really suprised that more people dont buy this sort of thing most cars have heaters of different sizes and shapes you can get them for a steal from the wreckers.
just read another post they might be a little hard to clean but still a new one would have to be a lot better and cheaper than some of these specialty ones.
yeah this one is brand new. the fitting closest to you is half inch and the other is larger but not quite3/4. ill probably cut the flare off it and its slightly tapered but not enough to cause a prob with the hose ill use. heres a pic of the tapered one.
measurements:11 1/4 x 6 1/8 x 2"
pa 5895219 $25.99
that's almost the exact same as mine. Mine's 7" high, 10" wide, and 2" deep. My fittings are on the side, the fittings look to be like, 5/8", but I'll probably be able to squeeze either 1/2" tubing over top, or get 3/4" tubing and clamp it down tight. Mine only cost $15 canadian at an auto wreckers(that's like, $9 USD) It's amazing how much cheaper most things are if you don't buy them online.
I have two heater cores for my water cooling. One was a rather small one for some import. About 6" X 7" X 2" for $20 inc. shipping. The other one was for a 1970 Delta Oldsmobile, and it's a beast of a heat exchanger. 12" X 7" X 2" for $7 inc. shipping!!! A 8!+@# to clean too! I followed the guide here, and it was still a pain. And on the fittings, I found that mine are 9/16" I.D. (after I cut off the existing flares/barbs), so I machined some barbed fittings to take it down to 1/2" O.D. and used J.B. Weld to hold it on. Any water cooling systems I build here-on are going to use these :).
Definately too much time :)

I couldn't weld the fittings to the pipe, so I had to buy some 5/8" tubing, and attatch it to the other end of the fitting with clamps/silicone. It's sturdy, and doesn't leak, so I'm happy :) Just gotta order my waterblock now.
yeah i love this stuff. never heard of overclocking until about a month ago or more.
now im hooked. cant wait to REALLY screw up something so i can post the pics.
CrystalMethod (Jun 09, 2001 05:48 p.m.):
Is it just me or do we all have entirely too much time on our hands?

i don't actually have the time!! :( i steal it from other things i should be doing! ;-)