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250 W power supply-enough juice?

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Mar 17, 2001
I'm getting ready to put together my new system this weekend and just have the case left to buy. The system is an AMD Duron 800, KT7A mobo. It also has DVD-ROM, CD-R, and 1 12.2 GB hard drive, with intentions of adding another 20 GB HD within 6 months. My question is this, will a 250 watt power supply be ebough for this setup? Please answer quickly, as I am leaving to buy a case in about 2 hours! Thanks all.
I have an Aopen case with a 250W power supply, I have load up the power supply up. TBird 800, 2 Hard drive, dvd, cdrw, 5 fans, geforce2, sblive and hollywood plus. Show no sign of power shortage. Aopen is a good company, so their power supply is alright, I don't know about those no name 250W that come with some cases though. I would prefer you get a 300W PS instead for an AMD system. I just replace my 250W PS with a 431W PS, not much difference, just ready for future system upgrade and a peice of mind.
I would say general consensus says 250 is not enough (at least not for future expansion). I will go for a 300W. Thanks for the responses guys.
A 250 watt is not enough you need a 300 watt or better. With the Abit KT7A-Raid you need to stay away from a Memorex psu . The Memorex I had would not work with either Abit boards I have. It worked with all 4 other type of boards I have but not the Abit.
I think 250 w i enough. I´m running my T-Bird 900@1066 on a 250 w Seveteam psu. But the price difference between a 250 w and a 300 w isn´t all that big so I would go for the 300 anyway.

My system:
TB 900@1066 with a Super Orb
Abit KT7A
1 IBM 75GXP 46 GB
1 IBM 10 GB
1 Samsung DVD
1 Ricoh CD-RW
Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
SB Live 1024
1 Intel Pro 100+
1 Unex 10/100
2 80 mm casefans
1 60 mm casefan
1 Digital Doc 2

No problems what so ever.