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2500 Barton and NF7-s Rev2.0

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Nov 7, 2002
My 2500 arrives later today...

B4 i ask this please bear in mind my single stick of pc2700 (512meg) is cack.. or so i think, im led to belive in my old setup it held me back big time on the o/c side of things.. (at7-max&2100xp) 1800mhz Max

Anyway i digress...

All i want to know is step by step the best settings within the bios to run..fsb etc memory timeings, apic? of for sata?

As this is going to be a reinstall of windows (xp pro) do we think it would be wise to find the max o/c b4 the new install?

Btw its all kept well cool with a thermal right ax-7 and a EHE delta 80 screamer.... and severalcase fans...

And yes im gonna bin my memory for some new corsair stuff in a few weeks..


Mar 1, 2003
the terran system
well, with the memory timings, the lower the number the faster
ex. 2,2,2,6 is faster than 3,3,3,7,

the faster,more agressive the timings, the less stable it is.
For an overclock, tou usually want to slow them down a bit so you get a higher fsb o/c. even though the timings are slower it still is better because a higher fsb benefits you more than faster timings ;) hope that helps a little.