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2500K overclock help request

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New Member
Nov 28, 2020

I've been the proud owner of a i5 2500K since 2011.
I recently moved up to a new graphics card and monitor (32:9, 1440p).
As you can imagine, my stock CPU is a bit of a bottleneck for this kind of work.
I'd like to hold off on replacing CPU/board/RAM until Zen 4 CPUs (hopefully AM5 socket) are available.
Not to start a war, but seems like team blue got lazy and the Zen 3 CPUs are sold out ... so not a good time to upgrade value wise methinks.
That said - I've ventured to squeeze what I can out of my 2500K through OC.

I'm not entirely new to OC, but it's been 5+ years, so I just followed a guide here I found:

Using this guide I was unstable at 4.5Ghz (unstable = less than 1 minute prime95 blend).
I scaled back to 4.3Ghz and appears OK (1hr prime95 blend).
I know there are limits (and silicon lottery), but I'd like community input on if there is more to try or just settle for 4.3Ghz.
It runs at 59C max during stress test, so it seems a waste to leave it here.

My set-up:
CPU: I5 2500k (mostly run stock last 8 years)
RAM: 2 x 8GB PNY DDR3 2133 PC3 17000 (CL10-11-11-28, 1.6V)
GPU: Radeon 5700 XT
Mobo: Asus P8P67
Cooling: Liquid AIO, 360mm radiator
Power: 750W

I've tried a few guides I found and have booted and started stress test as high as 4.8Ghz, but not stable.
I found myself toying with Vcore at 1.55 and still not stable at 4.8Ghz, so I figure I might be missing something basic.
Right now basically everything in BIOS is set per the link above, with exception of CPU ratio at 43 instead of 45.
So again I humbly ask the experienced among you - what could I try next?

Any positive input / criticism will be appreciated. Have a nice weekend.
Update - got it up to 4.6ghz by increasing cpu multiplier and moving vcore from 1.35 to 1.45V. I tried going to 4.7Ghz but could barely start prime95 before system blinked out. Tried upping vcore to as high as 1.48V but no improvement in stability. It seems something other than vcore is holding me back. Temps still not going above 65C.

System is not producing error codes that I can see ... I just find system at BIOS waiting for me to hit ESC to continue POST.

Any ideas for what to try?