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2600K stable 5ghz

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New Member
Mar 27, 2017
Hello all

Just think to register here after many years. First sorry my bad english language skills.

Just thinking to, but my old 2600k to limits and run that with my new case project on 5ghz on normal daily use.

Here little specs:
2600k (running now aircooled, 1.335vcore, 4.5ghz)
Asrock Z77 extreme 9 ( link )
Gskill F3-10666CL9 (4x 4gt) ( link )
evga 750w g2
Watercooled (2x 240mm radiators (45mm) & same loop gtx970)
Other cooling is 3pcs 120mm fans inside case. 4pcs 120mm fans on radiators. All fans speedfan controlled (PWM).

Couple of questions i have, hope some one can help me and of course all hints and tips are welcome.
1. Can i use all Intel "energy saving" options when i go that high ghz. First i mean that speedstepping (go 1.6ghz on desktop and go up 5ghz when need power). Or do i need disable that function when go that high ghz (5ghz). Now that speedstepping working fine when i drive this prosessor 4.5ghz.
2. What you recommand max voltage to use normal usage (computer is on about 6-8h per day) Big load is about 1hour per day or something like that. Watercooling loop have quite much power to keep prosessor temps ok, but happy to hear your recommand to max voltage. I think something 1.5v is ok max voltage normal usage.
3. Can you give some tweaks what is good to set-up on bios with this high ghz numbers?
4. How about that memorys. Are 2600k happy to faster memorys or not? Just thinking are that good idea to try overclock memorys their limits or is that better get they running normal settings and cooler.
5. How about 2600k lapping? Is that helpfull work to do that prosessor or not good idea? I remember we lapping my friend old q9450 prosessor and that temperatures goes down very much ( i think 8-11C degrees per core). But what is your opinion is that good idea on 2600k? Block not lap ofcourse, but prosessor.

Hope get many tips and hints with this situation and thanks everyone who answer here :)


New Member
Mar 27, 2017
My aircooling suck thats bad.. just tested 4.8ghz very fastly something 1.45v tms that goes ok. Not try bigger ghz before i get my watercooling loop working, just want to ask little bit hints and tips before i do that. (couple connectors and pipes missing that watercooling loop)


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
I would not run that CPU at 1.45v 24/7. I'm afraid it would have a short life. I would not exceed about 1.375v.