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EXPIRED $27 for New 250 GB OCZ SSDs, Will I actually get them?

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Feb 18, 2007
So last night my younger brother asks me to play a computer game with him. We sit and wait for the 160 GB HDD from 2007 in his machine to install windows updates. I say "you know what to ask mom and dad to buy you?" and proceed to get on Amazon to show him SSDs.

After narrowing down to the 120 GB and up, and to the $25 - $150 price range... I see this.... Can't be right!! Right??

There were 8 in stock. So I said, well buddy, one for you and one for me. Then I proceeded to check prices other places. They left out a zero!! These go for $270 - $300. So I immediately bought another 4 of the drives! :bday::bday::bday:

Will I actually get them?
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These go for $270 - $300.
Where? You can get these on Ebay new for $55...

Those are old drives (~4 years old), the Agility 4. Still a lot faster than an HDD for sure, but those are generations old SSDs. They sell for pretty cheap. Not $25 cheap, but cheap enough. :)

Hopefully you get them!!!
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I went to Ebay... $55+. I think a new one was $60? They are 4 years and multiple generations old. They may be selling for that new, but, they aren't remotely worth that price when you can get MUCH faster drives for $115 like the latest OCZ Vector 180 240GB or Samsung 850 Pro.

Still a good deal. ;)

Here is new for $75: http://www.ebay.com/itm/OCZ-Agility...879123?hash=item3f6117a4d3:g:Pl8AAOSwEeFU~B67

The point is they are not remotely worth the hundreds you quoted. You got a good deal, no doubt, but they are pretty old mid-range SSDs.
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I'm not getting anything like that on my eBay search. Anywho, I'm going to keep two of these and sell the other four on ebay. Should be able to make a few bucks and enjoy the two "freebies" :) Looking at completed listings, if i'm patient I outta be able to easily get $70 each for them. Not the $200+ I was dreaming of, but oh well. Still a deal.
They canceled! :mad:

@ your edit, I find no PC parts are "worth" retail price. I'm using a C2D box at the moment, all I need :)