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2800+ with dual DDR

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Apr 26, 2002
Boston, MA, USA
Here Tom's Hardware Guide tests an Nforce2 board with a 166mhz 2800+. There's only one thing I do not understand. They have a dual ddr board, but they don't seem to utilize it's full potential since they say that the maximum throughput of the board's memory bus is 2.6ghz/s. Don't these people know that DUAL ddr effectively doubles the memory bandwidth, or am I missing something....
Sure there may be a theoretical bandwidth is 5.2gb/s but the bus on an AMD 166/333 FSB CPU is 64bits wide running at 333mhz which gives a throughput of 2.6gb/s. The Nforce2 board uses what they call a DASP (Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Preprocessor) see here to guess at memory loads and thusly optimize latency and throughput. Remember throughput is only as fast as its slowest link.
well if this is what you are referring to:

Compared to its predecessor with 133 MHz FSB, the clock speed and bandwidth of the new processor are increased by almost 20%. This gives you 2.6 GB/s (166 MHz x 64 Bit x 2 flanks = 2.6 GB/s), as opposed to 2.1 GB/s.
(on this page)

Then what they are saying is that 166mhz FSB has 2.6GB/s compared to the old 133mhz FSB, they are talking about the chip itself not the chipset, although schmide is right that is peak/theoretical bandwidth and will not be attained.

Check out this page to see how all RAM compares to other types, from PC66 to PC1066... Tom's has it right.
"The sample processor does reveal some special aspects, however: for all of the CPUs with the Thoroughbred B core (from Athlon XP 2400+ up to XP 2800+), the thermal diode doesn't work. This means that when there's a cooler defect, the motherboard will not be able to protect the CPU. A correct measurement of the die temperature is not possible. "
Is that really true?
Was true for the sample AMD sent them. Hopefully it isn't true about the production chips! lol
litghost said:
rotflmao at JP_Singer, sry but kt400 boards are pos's, most kt333 outpreform kt400 boards, oh well so much for that *chuckle*

the point is that you cant trust Tom's hardware, go to http://www.anandtech.com/chipsets/index.html?rndn=11142002081831
there are two reliable reviews

Please only one KT333 board out performed the A7V8X so far as I can find and I get a good increase with the 8X AGP enabled I am sure they will be hard to keep up with at all as new bios and drivers are released,and its "sorry" Not sry ROFLMAO at litghost
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