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Nov 7, 2002
2 fast 4 u-get it????**Updated Pics!!!!***

More perfomance than looks me thinks..:mad:

Lo to all the "crew" @ #san and #daclan
I can be found in these most days @work or at home...
Getting the usual verbal abuse...:beer

AMD Athlon 2100+ @1950Mhz
Abit AT-7 Max Mobo (legacy Free)
Abit Siluro Geforce 4 4600
1Gb Corsair XMS pc2700 Cas2
IBM Deskstar 40Gb Hard Disk ATA 133
Adaptec 2940u/w SCSI card & Western Digital 30Gb Hard Disk
Onboard AC'97 5.1 Sound Card
3com 10/100 NIC
Pioneer DVD-104
Ricoh CD-RW
Lacie FireWire CD-RW
Iomega Zip 250mb

IBM Full Tower Case
500w PSU
Temp Sensor panel
6x 80mm Sunyon Fans
Thermalright AX-7 & Delta80mm Fan
40mm YStech NorthBridge Fan
80mm Evergreen PSU Fan
40mm Pabst GFX card Fan

:mad: :mad: **More Better Pics!!**:mad: :mad:


Anyone playing Raven Shield in the UK wants to join a clan?
email [email protected] for a trial...
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Basically I see it like this, if your going to talking in the supposed "elite" language your NO older than 12 years old and like to play pokemon...
koby said:
Basically I see it like this, if your going to talking in the supposed "elite" language your NO older than 12 years old and like to play pokemon...

whats wrong with pokemon! I found it to be quite fun to play on gameboy on roadtrips :D
The game pokemon for gameboy wasn't bad, but every thing else (cards, shirts, hats, figures, etc) SUCKS.
the term elite carried some meaning and respect 15 years ago, but now its just little kids that are 12 years old and chill in there parents basement.

its just another stupid subculture of morons with the false impression they are hackers/crackers or whatever... hate to see such a beautiful creation such as the internet goto waste on kids...
Doofie27cp2 said:
leet is gay...i mean stupid. Sorry didnt mean to offend n e one its an expression, no offense to gay ppl :D

what about those people who abbreviate full words with stupid shortenings like U and R and n e one and ppl? I mean, at least 1337 has some culture behind it, aside from the 12-year-old-in-a-britney-spears-AOL-chatroom-typing-in-all-caps. R U HOT????? ASL ASL ASL!!!! IM ME I WANT TO HAVE CYBER WIT U!!!!


I forgot to mention, hypocrites **** me off.
bluedude2288 said:
I agree with you koby

Its good to see I am not the only one who thinks that way, some people around here don't really like you expressing your opinions that much.
to be honest, seing people trying to talk in code is childish, as they do think they are somewhat of an "elite". but posts like the above are not really the same, just some fun, but hey, **** all of you;)

Culture? Nerds who are sexually deprived in such a way that animals turn them down, i would hardly call that culture. And to adress the "12 yr old britney spears chat room" Bull****, N E and R, All short for simple words. These make typing go faster, instead of incomprehensive gay l337