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2k at 165hz is it sweet spot? Is there a "Catleap" of today? & XB271HU orPG279Q?

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Oct 18, 2002
Los Angeles
2k at 165hz is it sweet spot? Is there a "Catleap" of today? & XB271HU orPG279Q?

So, apparently

you can't do 4k above 60hz

You can't do 240hh above 1080p

But there are various monitors with different resolutions and refresh rates in between those two. I'm going with 2k at 165hz, I figure I get the best of both worlds.... A little bit of high res with a little bit of speed. apparently there are 3k monitors that do 120hz but those are like $1900 and that's too rich for my blood.

What's the sweet spot for you?

I'm thinking of going XB271HU or XB271HUA VS PG279Q

Both monitors have similar specs and seem awesome... but I'm leaning towards the XB271HU/A simply because on amazon for the PG279Q there are half as many negative reviews as positive reviews for that monitor, it seems to have a lot of quality control issues....

By contrast the XB271HU seems to have a third as many negative reviews as positive ones, so much more likely that I'll get a nice monitor without bleed or other issues like that.

I figure since I'm dropping close to $700 on a monitor, I should post here and ask first. I don't want to make a mistake since i'll be using this monitor pretty much every single day till it kicks the bucket.

My old Yamakasi catleap has served me well for 8 years and it's still kicking, but it's time to upgrade. Speaking of which, is there an amazingly priced "Catleap" of today?
I was in the same exact boat...went from a catleap to 2560x1440 144hz.. I got the HU and never looked back.
Following as I'm in the same boat.

This is the one I've been eyeballing. Just waiting to see if there are any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that could beat it.

Then I'll keep the thread updated for you with all possible suggestions, including your suggestion.

yours even overclocks to 165 like the others! nice, I wonder how many other monitors are just as good spec'd as the two i posted? Since it seems I missed this one...

This one's ratings on amazon are 1/4 bad reviews, so it actually got better reviews than the other two monitors and it's cheaper, what's the catch?

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That's AMAZING. But I reluctantly went with nvidia this time around so i want to get the activesync feature :/
I found a PNY 1080 on sale for $279 today and jumped at the opportunity. I went to post up the sale after ordering one for myself and the sales page was removed. A few hours later and my sale was canceled. Just as expected it was a typo on the sale price. No harm in trying though.
Until somebody offers a reasonably priced 27" or smaller 2560x1440 or better with 120Hz or better, but NOT A STINKIN' FUGLY TN PANEL, I'm not buying another monitor. 10-bit color would be nice, too. Asus MX27UC looks nice, but still too expensive for me :)
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The HU is the best monitor with those features at the moment. I settled for a 144hz TN panel because I'd rather spend the extra cash for a second monitor.