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2nd PSU Double Check

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I want to run a second psu to power 9 fans...heres what i want to do, I stick wires in the appropriate pins of the atx plug so that I can start the psu w/out it being connected to my mobo, then im going to seal that real good so no shorts happen! Next im going to open up and disconnect the on/off switch from the back of the psu, and extend the 2 power cords to the front of my case where i will wire up the switch again that way when i start my computer i can just flip a switch in the front of my case and the 2nd psu will kick on, I just want to make sure this will work, i've tryed to start the psu w/out the mobo by connecting the pins and it worked...so will my plan be ok??
Thanks in advance


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Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
You can find a much easier way to do it Here . This is non-invasive on your PSU, and only involves a little effort.