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2x AGP 16MB Vanta or PCI 32MB TNT2 64

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Jan 23, 2002
Orlando, FL
I have both of these cards, which one would preform better typically? How much of a difference is there between 2x AGP and PCI as far as real-world performance...Would bottlenecking be a problem or not? Thanks for all input.

Hi ucfswimmer

You are the best person to answer that question as you have both cards! Try them out & see what is the better performer?
My monies on the AGP.

im just feeling incredibly lazy right now..i have 2 systems, with 1 card in each and it does appear that the one with the agp card performs better..and gets higher 3dmark scores however im sure thats becase the pci card is coupled with a 433 (6.5*66) ppga celeron while the agp card is coupled with a 1064 (8*133)fcpga celeron...i was just wondering if anyone would know if the transfer rate would cause a bottleneck or if the chip was any better...i didnt have much luck oc'ing the pci card..dont remember that i had it at but i know not much over stock..right now ive got the agp one at 140/167...definately higher than the pci card was at stock...but the pci card has twice the amount of memory and if there are no bottleneck issues between that type of a processor and the card...or if the fact that this one is only an 2x agp and doesnt make any kind of difference..then id rather just someone tell me in this case ;-)

The AGP card should perform better and you can also download new Nvidia det. drivers for both cards for better overall performance
i had a tnt2 m64 pci card, and my friend had the exact same agp card. The agp could get 70 fps in q3a demo 1, while the pci could only manage 35 or so, even overclocked and tweaked.

i think this is due to the limitations of the pci bus. AGP is the far better option, but it may depend a lot on the processing power of the chip also.

Get tntclk and put ghetto ramsinks on that tnt (ie glue flat bits of copper/aluminium to the ram chips) or even better cut up some old p3-style heatsinks and glue them on, and overclock that card to hell together with your fastest processor, you should be able to get decent performance.

The upgrade treadmill is seriously fux0red, you dont really need to spend megadollars to get decent performance IMHO.

oh yeah and try some of the older nvidia drivers, 6.50 was a good one for tnt.

~ShiFtY out~:burn:
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