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2X256 versus 2X512 PC3200

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the hammer

twenty6 said:
Interesting. I ask because I've been told that with 1G, programs open faster. So, I'm pretty much safe with 2X256 Corsair PC3200 then.

IMO, programs will only open faster with one gig if you happen to have your first 512MB filled and Windows is having to use the swap file. How often is this the case for you? I will bet not often.



Jan 2, 2001
Austin, TX ; USA
If you do a lot of DivX or some graphic intense programs, then 1Gb will help. You can also turn off in most cases or lower the swap file to 64Mb or less with 512Mb and for sure with 1Gb. This will force windows to use the faster ram and not the slower swap file.


Apr 27, 2002
if you don't go into swap file much. then no, you wouldn't see much of a difference. BUT, i have seen battlefield 1942 use 360+ megs of ram. so its foreseeable that many future games will use over 512 megs of ram.