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3 brands of RAM, no clear choice!

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May 9, 2001
Portland, OR
I've heard fantastic things about Crucial PC2100, such as the fact that it can get all the way up to [email protected] Does it really? If it's rated at CAS 2.5-3-3, how can you run it at CAS 2-2-2 and still get such crazy FSB speeds? It's currently $88 for 256MB.

Mushkin's PC2400 looks appealing too. They say 150MHz, but I'm sure it'll go WAY higher than that. It's $105 for 256MB.

Corsair used to be expensive, but now that it's come down, I'm concidering them too. PC2700 (Says 166.5MHz) is $137 for 256MB.

What's your guys take on these three brands? Is there any clear winner? Obviously if I'm short on cash, I'll have to go the Crucial route, that's a no brainer. But honestly, which is the best performer, statistically? Mushkin's and Corsair both have heat spreaders, which means if I'm going to be pushing the envelope, I'll have to buy a set for the Crucial, as it has none. If I left someone out who I should concider, please let me know.

Edit: And also, if you know the speed of the chips (in nanoseconds), please post that. I'd like to compare the speeds, but none of the websites tell you.
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Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
I've always used crucial. I have 1 stick of 512MB (using now) and 2 256MB (selling). I run 163-164 FSB! Turbo, CAS 2, 4way,etc. The fastest timings possible and, not a hiccup!


Jun 16, 2001
Before I got my new board, I bought two brands of ram. Mushkin and Crucial. The Mushkin never ran over 139 with default timings. I switched to the Crucial and I've had it up to 164 CAS 2 with the fastest timings. My crucial sticks have the 75b chips.