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3 in 1 printer suggestions?

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Nov 22, 2003
Mesa, AZ
This seems like the best place to post this but if it's not mods move it please. I'd like to get one of the 3 in 1 printers this christmas. Any suggestions on which ones to stay away from or which ones are better to get?


well, I have the HP PSC2110 all-in-one and it works just fine for me. The software SUCKS, but that's just my opinion. I dont scan a whole lot, but this thing is nice. It prints fast, and it makes great copies. Best of all, to make copies you just have to have the power on. Dont even need it hooked up to a computer to make copies.

The thing I hate about it though is that it installs a TON of absolute crap when you install the drivers. And you have to install the drivers to use it. For instance the "HP share to web" crap is installed without even asking you. That, and it takes a real long time to install everything.

If you get this printer, some advice.....do not use the 'HP Director' stuff.....if you want to scan an image, use the Photo Gallery image editing software. The director is just annoying.......I try to save a scan to my H drive (10 gigs free) and it keeps telling me that the disk is full.....eh.

Anyway...aside from crappy software, the printer itself is great. You could also upgrade to the 2210 which has a fax and a multi-card reader built in (6-in-one i think). Useful if you want to print straight from a camera's memory card.

Oh, almost forgot. The 2110 and 2210 both are able to use a photo printer cartridge. What you do is replace the B&W cartridge with a photo cartridge and you can get nice prints. I haven't tested this feature myself....it does a great job printing images, but I havent tried it with the fancy paper or the fancy ink cartridge or anything. :D


Jun 16, 2003
Neverland Ranch!
I have an epson CX3200 its perty cheap ~$100 can pick one up at staples I think they have a deal on one. It works great fast and good prints, cartridges dont seem to last long but I think thats my parents printing millions of charts and reports..