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SOLVED 3 to 4 pin adapter for delta 38

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ok i ordered one today and it should be here in a week. will i be ok with the delta running off the board for a week or should i put the old fan back on. also next time PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASE tell people they need one of these when you recomend a delta since shipping is expensive. thanks
i just made my own. I took an old molex passtrough with the two wire leads to a 40mm fan and cut the fan off, stripped the wire, wrapped around the end connectors of the delta, and sealed with electrical tape. Cost, nothing. You are fine with your delta right now though, it will be better than what you had even only going 5800rpm. And you got it from crazypc, they have that little blurb, but I am very sorry for not saying something. i thought it was just my msi being crappy.
dont worry about it i ordered the connector. the connector should be here by wensday. i wasnt sure how serious the warning was. at crazypc, i believe they used the word "may" which isnt all that convincing. i came back here and everyone was like oh my god dont plug it into your motherboard.

so do you think it will be ok for 5 or 6 days till the new cable comes?
Check on what the fan header of your mobo are rated for. Some new mobos such as my KT7A-R's are rated to handle the Delta 38 but there are still alot of boards that don't. It would be a shame to burn out the fan headers while waiting for the adapter. Play it safe and check the header rating.