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3 way crossfire?

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New Member
Nov 25, 2012
So I ran a 3 way HD 6770 for a long time and they ran soooo smooth. I hit a wall with new games and fps (tomb raider) so I went and got 2 r9 390x's and I have had no problems with any games so far. at one point I had 2 HD 6770's and they stuttered so much but 3 way was smooth. are the newer cards better as crossfire? because it looks like it too me! anyone ever have multi gpu stuttering?
Multi-gpu stuttering is very common. Newer drivers have fixed some of the issues, but not all. It's commonly referred to as 'microstutter'.
I currently have a Radeon R9 295X2 (two 290xs on one PCB) and I have had no microlags in Crysis 3, SWTOR, Skyrim...

Also has 2x GTX 670 4GB from the Green team not too long ago, no issues there either (besides them getting to 100c on the regular)

If you do get microlags, it is likely a non-triple A title that does not need 2+ GPUs anyway so you can disable crossfire in those situations.
Yeah they didn't even underclock or anything they just chugged along happily, no hot electronics smell, nothing. They still work. I took them apart as well, nothing burnt, nothing out of place. Pretty crazy. The sensors might have been off or something lmfao