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300mm fan

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summer is finally here. i was checking my temps and bam 45 degrees C on my mb and about 40 on my celly. ouch thats hot. cant wait till winter where i just have to open the window to get cold temps. i pulled out the old room fan and put it up to the case and temps dropped about 10 degrees C.

ok two qs. how much better performance whould i get if i put a delta fan on my alpha pal 6035 which currently has a 3800 rpm fan and where do they sell deltas.

hey no problem, ope you can adjust to the noise, but you should see a good improvement, at least 5 degrees C, probably more.
i live near the railroad tracks. i could sleep though world war 3. haha
nah its my roomfan. i just took off my case cover and stuck my roomfan up to the side of the case. temps fell about 10 degrees C.
Yeah, but taking off the cover and sliding a fan up nex to it is cheatin' ...
That there thing is mounted! I do however have a couple of Civic rad fans kicking around here, and they look to be just about the right size for a mid tower. I wonder.....
I have a Delta fan on a Hedgehog, very simmilar design to the pal 6035 except that it's copper. What direction do you run your fan? The Delta is a very noisy fan but when put in a sink like the Hedgehog or 6035 sucking the noise is cut down dramaticaly over a standard sink with the fan blowing. Just make sure you have the shroud in place that came with your Alpha.
sucking, blowing could mean the same thing depending so here goes... the fan is pulling heat away from the heat sink and not blowing air on it onto it.