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32 inch, new resolutions for me, day to day usage. What can you recommended ?

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Apr 15, 2011
Hello guy’s

Haven’t been here for a while but it’s always the place to come back for the best tips ^^, so..

I am looking for a new monitor, and I have been learning a few things for the past week. Presently I am using a huge 37inch tv as my daily monitor, add to that a 24inch secondary screen. I wish to change that tv for a better computer monitor. I have grown fond of the screen size and so I don’t see myself going under 32inch.

I have been looking in 32 inch monitor and I see that the market is either extremely expensive(>1k$) or not suited for gaming(~500/600$). Pesonnaly I buy in europe and would be looking at 500/700€, so about the same in $.

Here is my usage:
  • Gaming: World of tanks/KSP/Adventure. No FPS or MMO, and no actual crazy esport stuff or whatever beside some group gaming on World of tanks.
  • Web browsing obviously and other stuff, no work.
  • Movie, and by movie I mean that I usually don’t use the computer but rather a media platform such as WD media center that are easier to use with a remote and more silent.
  • I also have a Chromecast that I use very frequently
  • I usually need to use built-in speaker for 80-90% of my usage, the rest being with my headset.

Here are my questions/issue:
  • Computer monitor seem to be lacking HDMI port most of the time (media center, chromecast, occasional console game), so I think I will be using some king of HDMI splitter and will only need one HDMI port, but I do need ONE atleast.
  • I’ve read a bit about refresh rate and although 144Hz seem’s nice on paper usage seem’s to be limited if your FPS don’t reach that amount to start with, which I don’t (70/90 depending). I think I will settle for 60/75Hz which seem’s to be common at this screen size as 144 for 32inch is not (from what I saw).
  • Computer to screen connecting, I’ve read somewhere that HDMI is for 1080P max. and elsewhere that it could. If I don’t use HDMI what should I use, I would just like to remind that I would prefer to use built-in speaker, so ??
  • Also What kind of issue can I encounter using a 2560x1440 with device limited to 1080p such as movie from media center for example ? Can I expect the device to do automatic scale down to use the full estate since it is still a 16/9 ?

What monitor would you recommended for this size ? I have myself read a fair bit about ASUS PB328Q 2560x1440 32-in VA-panel Monitor, this monitor seem to be the best compromise for big screen and gaming use, although it’s a VA Panel the reponse time seem to be decent enough.

Also if I can have feedback from people using they're 1440p for day to day usage including from 1080p source media.

Thank you for reading this far and even more for th response.