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350 watt pelt?

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Dec 30, 2000
ok idont know anything about them but, can some one plese give me in fo, like ,say i could get my hands on any pelt up to 350 watts, which one should i get for a duron 700, ps ihave a thermoengine with delta 38. whould that be a good cooler for a pelt, or should i look for somthin else?
Gosh. When you think big, you think BIG eh?

I'm pretty sure such a beast does exist somewhere, but it would be truely be a bear to keep cool. If you're talking about 350 watts of peltier action you're going to NEED watercooling. And you better have a dog-gone good radiator.

Still, the cooling won't be your biggest problem.

Powering it will.

All told you'd be better off just buying a vapochill system.
well i cant aford a vapochill system, but, i planed on get a 172watt pelt , for free, could still get the 350 pelt (free), but thanks for ure info about water cooling ill look int to it all with my cousin who reparies medical equiupment, thats where i could get the pelt, maybe just maybe he could snatch me one of there coolers, for there pelts, u wouldnt believe the relations between a computer and some of there stuff., hmm interesting, maybe if i could find some way watercolling the pelt, i could get that duron up to 2ghz baby ya, i wonder if that'll float my boat, that would probabally be the fastest duron out there that i know of,all though i would accually want to use my computer, so it would have to be stable, and last for more that 5 min, but im getting a head of myself,for now a 24$ duron 700 at 1100mhz will do, thank you
Spoken like a true overclocker. :)

If it ain't broke, I'll keep fixing it til it breaks!

Colin (Aug 04, 2001 09:11 p.m.):
Yeah but the Vapochill is boring.
I believe you can better make something yourself instead of buying it. The price is comparable but the satisfaction derived from using your homemade cooling system compensates more than enough for the hassle you had while building it. Unfortunately I'm still building... :D