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3570k Minimum Processor State? Any reason not to leave it at 5%?

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SPL Tech

Nov 28, 2006
I just installed an EVO 850 SSD and noticed that Samsung created a new power profile called "Samsung high performance." The only change I see is it set the minimum processor state to 100%. Previously I had it set at 5%.

I am wondering if there is any benefit to leaving it at 100%, or if I should switch back to 5%. The processor adjusts the clock speed to meet the load, so the only time the CPU is throttled is when the load is nearly non-existent. Accordingly, it seems like having it set above 5% is just a waste of electricity for no tangible benefit (although extremely small according to HW Monitor, about 1 watt or so).

The only thing I could think of that might affect performance is if an app loads the CPU very quickly and there is a delay between an app demands CPU resources and when the processor increases the clock speed. Admittedly though I have no idea if this is a real problem or not (I suspect it is not).

I am running the 3570K at 4.4 GHZ and +0.015 offset Level 1, for about 1.23 vcore under full load.

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On a side note, I am curious if the processor needs to be able to throttle down when using offset voltage. Offset voltage drops the core as low as 0.8v, and if the clock speed dident throttle with it, wouldn't that cause the system to crash since you're essentially running the full rated clock speed of the processor but with way too low of a voltage?
I would leave it at 5%, better power savings instead of always running maxed out.

If there is any lag between when the cpu has to bump up to 100% it will be in such a small amount of time I could not believe you would notice it.
I recently did a little testing with Speedstep on vs. Speedstep off and there was more variance from the effect of background Windows tasks and 'random' kernel activity than could be discerned from the minimal effect of Speedstep.

Keep a clean, efficient OS and use Speedstep would be my suggestion.