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3870x2 no video

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Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
I rcently got this 3870X2 from ebay. Supposedly worked fine.
Now what I am seeing is the PC appears to start normally and may even be getting to OS but there is no picture. Have tried different slots and vid cable connections with and w/o DVI to HDMI adapter. The weird part is everytime I pull the card and put the 9800GTX+ back in . The motherboard goes straight to BIOS which has been reset needing date and time updated etc.. Any ideas?? EDIT: Will try another board just not yet. I need a couple more days on this one.
Using for benching
Maximus formula 775 flashed to rampage
2x1 GB corsair DDR2
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Try using DDU to remove all graphics drivers then install the card.

I'm assuming that your PSU can take the load of the dual GPU card.
Yeah the PSU is a 1K Superflower I use for benching no problem there. The driver shouldn't affect it during post, there should still be some output, no?
Yeah the PSU is a 1K Superflower I use for benching no problem there. The driver shouldn't affect it during post, there should still be some output, no?

Correct, even having nVidia drivers on the same drive, or newer AMD drivers that don't support that card you should still be getting some video output at the POST screen or BIOS if the card is working.
Just an update, I tried this card in the Z170 hero and it came to life. But there's some blue lines across the screen so maybe no fully alive. This card has a backplate which appears to be touching some things on the card. There are no thermal pads which has me wondering if there should be. I can't find any pics so far from reviews showing the "inside" of the backplate. Does any one know from experience whether or not the 3870x2 should have any padding?
Talked to Q_F today and he said there were pads so I've stuck some on just now. We'll see if it helps. Hopefully it was just a hot memory chips or something. Thanks for takin the time though Scotty. I appreciate it. Gotta love a deal on EBay ha ha
I'm not sure who won on this one


3870 blue.JPG


3870 black.JPG

Might try a new bios. Don't care really what it looks like as long as I can bench it ha ha

EDIT: that's weird the blue lines and dots don't show up in the pics?? When I gave it the black background on the PC there were 4 groups of 6 vertical blue lines yhat really show up with the black background. Weird they don't show up in the pics. Ble background gave an even spread of blue dots through the screen. Even while windows starts etc. there were artifacts. At one point looked like a bunch of lower case a's with the accent
Something ain't right there. Bus width is wrong, bandwidth is wrong, no memory showing.
Yeah, I'll try a new BIOS but.....
Don't have my hopes up
I flashed the card to the same BIOS as yours Q_F and still have artifacts. My OS was buggered so I need a re-install. Not till tomorrow to see if a driver will take.
So far still no luck with this thing it crashes when I load a driver everytime

Here's a couple pics of what I see

3870 badgfx.JPG
Another odd thing I noticed. Had it in the machine for 40 minutes or so and the one core closest to the I/O was pretty hot compared to the other.
I can't even read what's going on in DOS to tell if the BIOS flash is actually taking or not. Seems to go too quickly
Shawn got to ask you said you reflashed the same bios as I got there are two different size bioses for each core did flash each core with the same bios?