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38cfm Delta best connection

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Senior Member
Mar 11, 2001
Auburn California
So i dont really want to fry my MB ive heard its best to connect this fan to a molex connection so that i do not fry my fan header is this true? I guess i should probably hook up a pot so that i can control voltage too, any thoughts.

thanks all.
Yes use the power supply molex to connect it.
No need for voltage adjusment unless you want to slow it down and cool less.
And believe me you WILL want to slow it down, sucka is loud! But with a switch or reostate you can slow it down on cool days or evenings, and turn it up when you really need it.
you will want the molex, mobos seems unable to adaquately power the delta as they run aroun 5000RPM connected to a mobo.
I installed a 38cfm 7000 rpm delta on my ThermoEngine last weekend and hooked it up to the cpu fan header on my kk266 so far no problems and its running at 6986 rpm as reported by VIA hardware monitor. Sandra reports it at 7258 (a little high I think)so I am not noticing any less rpm by utilizing the mb fan header. I did try it with a molex conn to the psu and didn't see any increase in rpm. From what I've read the newer mobo's don't have a problem running the higher amperage draw fans. So far so good on my rig.