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3d mark 03 score explanation?

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I noticed in the latest 3d mark program that systems that were almost identical to mine were scoring much higher. Sometimes even double my own score! I have my system optimized and both my video card and cpu overclocked but my score never seems to break the 5000 mark. Would anyone have an explanation for this or any help they could offer? All the programs I have run great, I'm just confussed about my low score compared to similar computers. Here's my computer spec's.

windows xp home
amd 3200 (clocked to 2.41gig)
1 gig total ram, dual channel pc3200. timming(2,3,3,5)
ati 9700 pro clocked at, core:365 mem:331
audigy 2
What you might want to do is go and search on the ORB (FutureMark), and compare your scores to other systems with similar specs which you can do from the "search & compare" link page.

And while another system may appear similar, it is quite possible with experience to gain quite alot of system/graphics card performance over another guy who may not know all the tricks.

So you really need to study the details to understand what is happening.

I am assuming that you mean the '03 benchmark as a 9700Pro would never score 5K unless something was severly wrong. And '03 is very much dependant on card overclock alone. So the higher you can clock your card, the better.
Try and tighten those memory timings as much as possible. see if you can drop those threes to two's.
More vdimm voltage should help. Not sure where or what sys you got though?
Did you perform all the OS tweaks ludenwulf? No page file, 800x600 16bit, 60Hz, shutdown unwanted services, video card set for performance, and other stuff like that.
I used to get under 5500 with everything overclocked before I realized that my vgart drivers were screwed up and i didn't have agp8x enabled (or even 4x for that matter)... sometimes its stupid little things that you don't bother to check that end up being the problem :)

... but main thing is to make sure you have the settings switched over to "performance"