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3D Mark 2000

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Apr 22, 2001
I scored 7800 3D Marks in 3D Mark 2000 And I am wondering if that is good for my computer (in sig)
7800 is good enough to play any game they make ...Easily!!!!! and yes at least in my book it's a decent score.
7800 3d marks for a GF3 seems a bit low i think. I'm getting 6400 3dmarks with the computer in my sig, video card is not overclocked
My 2000 score is 7716 at 1024x768x16 (default).
My 2001 score is 3048 at 1024x768x32 (default).

Duron 600@1102
Asus A7V
Kingmax PC 150 running 140 222
Geforce2 DDR 32mb 240/360
Maxtor 20 gig 7200 rpm

What are you ram timings at? Your score is probably ok since 3d mark 2000 is made for DX7. What is your 3d mark 2001 score?
I think your system with a GeForce3 on that score is too low. You should get much higher.. because I get over 8000 on my P3 1064mhz with a GeForce2 GTS. You might need to check your video card driver.. maybe get the lastest one or else. good luck.
emm.. or I could be wrong.. maybe the GeForce3 is more optimized for 3Dmark 2001, not so much on the 3Dmark 2000. Like what the other guy said, try run your system on a 3Dmark 2001 and see what score you'll get. let us know.. :)
3d mark 2000 score is effected much more by the cpu and memory speed than 3d mark 2001.
Maybe try some bios tweaking to get your memory going better.