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3D Mark score

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Dec 19, 2000
I got a 672 in 3D mark. Does that seem about right for my equipement? Other than overclocking my video card more what can i do to increase the score. Also when I try to overclock my memory the max on the memory clock scale is 100 but my memory is 166 Mhz so what do i need to do to get it to change the scale. My core scale goes to 220 though.
I think there is the only one problem here - EVGA.
What is the manufacturer?
When I had ASUS MX200 @32 RAM
I got 2400 3D marks.

Radeon is cool - 3700 !
considering you've not told us which card or even which setup your using, it's hard to offer any advice. You also didn't say if it's 2000 or 20001.

I'd recommend you browse around this area a bit. There are tons of posts with 3D Mark scores listed to compare with.
I posted my card in my signature. 3D Mark 2001 by the way, sorry about that. Im assuming that that 2400 score was on 2000. In case you didnt see it the first time you can look at my signature again. Oh and by the way Evga is a manufacturer. They may not be the best out there but they were recommended as a good low cost video card solution.
if you have Antialiasing on turn it off
also if you have V-sync on turn it off (in D3D and OGL tabs)
that's all i got.

oh and make sure your AGP Aperature is 1/2 the ram size.
For normal use V-sync should not be turned off!

All it does is synchronize your card's output with your monitor's vertical refresh. In that way your card only calculates visible frames. So if you disable it; you will have more fps, but you wont see any improvement, in contrary you might have a more choppy view...

Why let you card calculate invisible frames???
If you want to see what the max is what your card can (benchmarks etc.), disable it but remember to turn it back on afterwards
What is Antialiasing? Should i have it off all of the time or just for benchmarks?