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3D Mark2000 CPU Mark question

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I'm a little teapot Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
I was comparing projects on madonion.com, and i was seeing people with the exact same setup as i have, video card ram and cpu all the same, and they where getting atleast 100 more CPU marks than me. Whats up with that?
Maybe they were ocing the video card or using different driver versions.
100 score difference is not very much.
OS makes a huge difference too. I have dual boot and all my scores tank in win2k compared to win98, almost 50%.

Obviously, I am using all the same HW....maybe its time for SP2.
It sounds like it is most likely drivers because 100 points is no a lot and that is the type of differnce that out of date drivers will give you.
He's talking about CPU mark, not the grand total 3Dmark score. And score of 100 is quite different. And he said the same vid card, same ram, same CPU speed. Well... one of the things I can think of this cause is that maybe your Duron overclock setup i.e. clock multiplier/FSB configuration is different than the other guys with their Durons setup. That's what might be making it different CPU mark score. Yes... the video driver may make slight of difference but not as much as 100 though.