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3DFX is back from the dead????

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New Member
Jun 11, 2001
I heard rumors that 3DFX is going to be kinda back in business. I heard the rumors at the inquirer. They claim that many of the old 3dfx employees are joining a company called 3dpower to work on a new card build on the Rampage chipset that 3dfx was working on before they went belly up. Even if you love Nvidia you gotta like this, more competition means better cheaper video cards for all of us. Hope its true, If anyone knows of rumors or links let me know!

Thanks all
Not heard anything on this but when nvidia aquired 3dfx I think it got the patents on several of their technologies which I think would have included the rampage. It's hard enough for existing card manufacturers to compete let alone a completely new company, they would need a killer chip at a low price, plus a lot of money for legal fees when nvidia inevitably sues them for atempted competition :)
probably right, most likely wishful thinking, but some claim that one of the big wigs from 3dfx went to 3dpower which just acquired another company. Perhaps they may come up with a new video card all together. I am still hopefull (probably for nothing) I admit i just dont like the idea of only having 2 choices for high end video cards:

and maybe in the future sometime Kyro
I wish but Phil is correct! Hey I still bought two V5 5500 yesterday!
That was actually a rumor going around which turned out to be a nice publicity stunt. I found this at got | apex about the whole thing:

" Its actually 40% as of today We are totally focused on nVidia graphics and gaming motherboards in combination with the overclockers dream 300MHZ DDR in both bulk and retail. There is to be a new product announcement on the 15th but it is not a graphics display adapter." Brian Skelton, CEO 3DPOWER.

Got|Apex? can also personally validate Brian's statement as we have just received the now infamous MORPHEUS product, and it is a GeForce3. Granted it is not the 3dfx Rampage, nonetheless this looks to be the best of the new GeForce3 pack. We will let ya know as soon as we have the chance to put her through the paces. The price of the Morpheus is slated at $345 with a possible $20 rebate depending upon region of purchase.
i read that article as well, i was upset kinda
i would still like to see more competition in the 3D market so it makes the big boys run faster and not start kinda trotting along with technology.
Actually NVIDIA is doing an okay job remember when G3's were going to cost 700 bucks!
When nVidia obtained 3DFX, did they also get the rights to Glide? Just about EVERY game currently on the market uses Glide. If nVidia owns Glide, then WHY IN THE NAME OF MERCIFUL GOD DID THEY NOT INCLUDE IT WITH THE GEFORCE 3 CARDS?!?!?!

But, if they didn't get right to Glide, where is Glide?
gldie was almost next to dead before nvidia acquired 3dfx. there's no sense in trying to market a proprietary api these days
Fro (Jun 13, 2001 12:56 p.m.):
gldie was almost next to dead before nvidia acquired 3dfx. there's no sense in trying to market a proprietary api these days

Fro is correct but new games still run okay on glide cards and they should have included support though!