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3dfx Tidbit....

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Feb 23, 2002
St.louis area
Hopefully i put this in the right forum, it was just kind of melancholy though....

tonight i went to the movies to go see fratboys, or whatever the name of that movie where the guys join the female sorority.. (nice gratuitous "chest" shots...) has some very very funny scenes but anyway.... I was looking at a video game machine they have there... Its the new version of GAUNTLET. ( capitolized because i used to love that game) well its the new type with the humongous tv for viewing that you have to stand back abiout 6-8 feet or so when you play.... Hopefully everyone out there has seen one of the new types that im talking about... well I was standing there looking at it while my wife got some popcorn and low-and-behold up comes the registration page that said
"GLIDE" used with permission from 3dfx, and some other 3dfx registered stuff yada yada 1999 yada yada yada ... went to fast because I was in awe to see anything related to 3dfx around.. I thought it was neat... thought some of you might also....
I've seen a few arcade games like that! There was this boat game I played a while ago, forget the name but it had the Glide logo just like my V3 did.

It really made me want to open the game and see what kind of card it was using:)