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3DMark 2000 scores...want to compare.

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I scored 4586 in defalut test configuration....
Setup as follows ....

Asus A7V-133
Duron 800 @ 950
2 x 64mb pc100 @ 133 (lucky i guess)
Asus v7100 Geforce 2 mx (not oc'd yet)
SB live value
10.2 gb HD (sad, i know)
48x cdrom
I just got my GeForce 2, but i'm not sure if it's a GTS or a Pro, it's really weird. Anyway, in default settings i'm getting 6400 3d marks with out any overclocking yet.
i got problem with my 3dmark results

i have Asus Geforce2 GTS and i get results at like 2800 from 3dmark2001 i run all default tests ... Agp4x is enabled card is not overcloacked my mobo is Asus A7V with Duron 700, 128 ram runing win98.
could my card be defective in any way ?
never minde

im an idiot i was runing 3dmark 2001 not 2000 i went to webpage made project comparison and my card was #1 ....
My best 3Dmark2000 score is 5750 with a measly little overclocked Hecules MX vid card. Can't wait to get my new vid card, probably a GF3.
my best score was like 8156 i think with my hercules prophet 2 ultra oced to 310/520 i had waterblocks on my ram and my proc on my video card
and had all my fans on and my p3 933 was running good that day lol

i let it sit @ 310/520 for about hmmm 20 minutes lol
floyd (May 27, 2001 07:50 p.m.):
thats slow - i've gotten 4775 with my setup.........

soyo sy6BA+III @ 133 fsb
pIII 550e @ 733
geforce2 MX agp
192 MB pc133 generic ram
soundblaster live value
WD 7200 rpm 20g
******Good 'nuff for most stuff

I heard that quote in the movie Dune. Is that where you got it from?